teen girl webcam feet It’s my pleasure! Wear it in good health! I am waiting for you in the house – and with these words Irina went out.
Realizing that in the bag women’s underwear, Svetlana put it aside and began to wipe her body.
Then, wrapping the towel around her head, she took the bag again, opened it, and took out the contents.
Wow, it burst from her.

She was delighted! The linen was amazing.
It was a panties and bra gently pink.
The bodice was made on the frames, its cups were small in size, foam-based, interconnected by elastic lace.
Panties were classic, even, probably, closer to the shorts.
They consisted of two parts: the main opaque smooth running from front to back between the legs and lace clasping the hips at the side. live webcam videos
In addition to linen Svetlana found a gasket in the bag.
Cool, – she said, – every day, I guess.
Caring you, Irina! After smearing the body with lotion and letting it soak in, applying deodorant, Svetlana carefully tried on Irina’s gift.
The linen was amazing! How could she have chosen the size ?! The panties tightly wrapped around her, but the sensation that they were not tight, besides the pad, not expressing herself, helped her emphasize the streamline of the lines of the new image, it was already possible to say with confidence to the female body.
The bra perfectly emphasized her small “chest”: foam cups visually gave more volume and amazing shape to it.
She was shocked! There remained a robe that completed her outfit after the bath, giving the body the features characteristic of a real woman’s figure, vividly expressing the bust, waist and hips. teen girl webcam feet