tiffanyriox free webcam Rumyantsev loved his young wife, but he lived a rather stormy youth and, having upset his ardor on other women, he could not give her everything that was needed by this naive one, every day more and more passionate in nature.
Irina Khandryla, not knowing why.
She was often tormented by headaches and vague desires.
The husband, as he could, tried to entertain her: he took her to meetings, to the opera, arranged balls.

At one of these balls, Irina was presented with Count Vesenin.
A young, witty, brilliant gentleman, a true secular lion — he liked Irina from the first glance, and Irina often caught his gaze on herself.
After this evening, they seemed to meet in the theater, then at a party in the evening.
But Dmitriy did not attempt to get close to Irina.
In the summer, Count Rumyantsev was advised to send his young wife south.
He rented for Irina a wonderful house, twined with grapes, standing near the sea.
The house was furnished as Irina wanted.
The affairs had recalled the count to Moscow, but he hoped that the wonderful nature would entertain Irina, and she would not be bored in his absence.
On the third day, going to the sea, she met Veshenin.
The joy of this meeting, she could not hide, and did not try.

Dmitry offered to ride on a yacht and Irina, leaning on Dmitry’s muscular shoulder, inhaled the smell of the sea and the male body. webcam russian tube
They returned late in the evening, from the shore came the music.
Going ashore, Irina and Dmitry, without saying a word, headed towards Irina’s house.
Saying to her maid that she no longer needed her services, Irina went up to her favorite Japanese room.
Dmitri went behind her.
The decor of the room struck him with its originality and splendor.
The floor was carpeted in red and black roses.
In one corner was a sofa upholstered in satin fabric.
A Japanese screen stood on the couch, with white storks embroidered in black satin.
Pink lantern, the soft light of which poured on the carpet and the mountain of pillows.
Dmitry looked at Irina.
She had just returned from the next room, from where a minute ago there was a splash of water, the delicate smell of French perfume.
Irina was in a black kimono, with bare, not yet had time to tan hands.
She combed her hair in the manner of Japanese women and now really resembled women from the East.
In small ears hung emerald pendants.
Shining eyes are not inferior to them in brilliance.
They drank cold wine: with each glass Irina became more animated.

Her scarlet lips craved a passionate kiss, her chest heaved violently.
And every time her hand reached for the glass, it seemed to Dmitry that she wanted to caress him.
They sat on pillows near the table, looking at each other with passionate and long glances.
Suddenly Irina reached out, put her hands behind her head.
The floors of the kimono parted and Dmitry saw that under the luxurious clothes there were no other clothes.
Irina’s full thighs were set aside, as if they were summoning Dmitry, the deepening darkness between them.
Dmitry gently ran his hand over him, lips found her lips and stared at them with a passionate kiss.
Kimono slept with her sixteen-year-old, glamorous body and exposed two white, pink nipples, breasts.
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