use samsung camera as webcam A family without children is an empty life.
Shuddering with all his body, pinning a poor woman to the ground, crucifying her body perpetrated on the grass by the abuser, he repeatedly splashed out the sexual nonsense and passion for violence that had accumulated in him.
I again went for a bush.
Now the bodies will fall apart, and they can see me.

It is better to pretend that I lost them, and now, here, I found it by chance.
However, the woman is now certainly not up to me.
Borisych gets up, pulls on his pants, shakes off his knees, and immediately retreats to the bushes to ease.
The jet gushes like a good gardener watering a far bed.
Rita gets up, mechanically pulls on her panties, straightens her dress.
BUT! There you are! And I rummage here in the dark.
– the voice sounds fake, and to hell with it.
I go up.
Borisych shakes off his penis, causing the whole to shake, as if waving his third leg.
Rita silently, quickly goes into the dark – where there should be a highway, where buses, taxis, where there are people, and not these two – the rapist and his friend, probably the same beast.

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Idiot – I whisper – you called her name before her! Declare! Anxiety flashes in Borisych’s muddy eyes.
Fuck, for sure! Called! Catch up, get down – I teach the stupid, – let her feel that at least that is how you got your revenge – with contempt! Ask for a meeting! Let him feel that you are humiliated, miserable.
You, not her! Then maybe blow over! For sure! Turn down Borisych spit.
To this he pays no attention.
It does not affect his emotional sphere.
If it is necessary, then it is necessary.
He runs after the unfortunate Rita.
I’m going slowly.
I meet them already on the road.
Rita silently, with bitter hurry, catches a taxi or private trader, anyway, just to leave, not to see, maybe try to forget.
Well, shall we meet again? – Borisych is trying to look pathetic and I must say, he succeeds in this very well.
The woman is silent.
Don’t look at him.
Throws, almost under the wheels.
Rather! Leave! Woe, an awareness will come later, at home.
Then you can cry as much as you want into the pillow.
Then, then.

as? See you again Complete disregard.
What does nobody stop? That seems to be slow.
A woman runs up to the car.
Red Lada, six.
Something hastily says, sits down, without even looking at his tormentor.
The car starts and takes the woman into the night.
You are a cleaver! Who is behind the tongue? Called the name.
With such a mood, she can declare! ”Borisych suppressed silently.
Then, groaning and trampling meaninglessly, plaintively says: Maybe he will carry it? Maybe it will blow over.
She, first of all, will blame herself – why did she go with strangers? Why did not fade in time, as a friend?
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