watch me masturbate on cam I was afraid to utter a word with him, let alone speak my protest.
After two hours of blowjob, he finished.
I licked all the sperm off his penis and didn’t expect that urine would pour into my mouth after her.
Drink that whore fucking! – he ordered.

I obeyed, holding back the gag reflex.
And he smirked: Now it will be like this every day! “And where is the same romantic who he was until today?” I thought.
Then he took my hair and told me to go and cook him food, and then clean the house.
I did everything.
Then, for the sake of amusement, he beat me again with a belt, stuffed his socks into my mouth and ordered me to stand on the bridge.
So I stood up to the evening.
Then the gentleman urinated in my mouth and allowed me to go to bed.
That was the first day of slavery.
Subsequent went on the same scenario.
I cooked, washed, cleaned, sucked, licked, served as a toilet and ashtray, got punched.
I was allowed to go outside dressed as a whore.
For every penny spent in the store, I reported in full.
I brought the whole salary to the lord.
I was allowed to eat only from a bowl of dry food.
I used to work in a bank in the financial department, but I didn’t work there for a long time whore, I was fired.
The gentleman ordered me to get two jobs at once, so that there was more money, and to make fun of me.

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In addition to me, he had other slaves who came to him for a couple of hours.
I was even forbidden from them to receive even a short Cooney.
Only I did them all that they ordered or lord.
Over time, slaves began to come to the master.
And again I had to suck, lick anal, drink their urine, lick legs and get hard fuck.
Once I told the gentleman that I wanted to leave, but I was badly beaten for this and now I was afraid to tell him anything at all.
After all, for every word that didn’t like, he could deprive me of sleep or food.
But now I am completely reconciled with my position and I drink urine, suck cock, lick ass, lick my sweaty feet.
After all, I’m just a thing for the owner.
And year after year, every day I go only twice to the toilet a day.
It happens that I do not deserve permission to go out of need, then I can, as a rule, work off, for which the hot hand of the lord is waiting for me.
At first I managed to go to the toilet at work, but my lord then bought me a chastity belt, where even the holes do not have to pee.
Yes, I fucking, bitch, whore, filth, khuyososka, toilet, zhopoliz, I am a slave who regrets that she agreed to this role.
But I also want to command, I also want to lick me.
If I am a mistress, then hold on to my slave, tear myself away from you to the fullest.

You will be my toilet, you will swallow my urine and eat my shit.
You will be an ashtray and bedding for my feet.
I will fuck you without lubrication.
You will receive in your balls with my boots.
With your tongue you will lick the toilet.
I will humiliate you with strangers.
I will select all documents.
And only once a day you will go to the toilet if you deserve it.
I will sleep only a day through the day.
Do you know how painful it is to get a hot metal ruler through the perineum just because you can’t bite yourself on the elbow?
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