webcam hot hijab Wedging into the masses, I immediately grabbed a bottle of beer and swallowed it at a time.
Another one followed.
Having reached the necessary condition, I began to tell vulgar jokes both in the company of guys and in the company of girls.
We talked, drank, laughed.

When the majority went to the balcony to smoke, I noticed two ex-girlfriends, Katya and Natasha, on the dance floor.
The first was a very funny girl – you could chat with her for hours and always find a topic for discussion, but she did not reach out to my ideals of female beauty because of her thinness.
The second – the owner of magnificent hips and a flexible back – basically only laughed at my jokes, honoring me with her unequivocal views.
And when Katya departed for a minute, I suggested to Natasha to dance.
Katya left us, saying she would be back in a minute.
She did not return.
We stood with Natasha, talking.
I saw in her eyes and body movements that she felt some sympathy for me.
She smiled, laughed supposedly over my jokes and kept her eyes on me.
A certain gentleman who awoke in me gallantly suggested that she dance.
We slowly circled for some pop song.
Other couples circled around us.
Looking around, I noticed that the girls danced not only with the guys: Christina and Karina, for example, were together.

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They circled and shook, pawing each other in the ass.
At one point, I noticed how the bottom of Christina’s dress, fitting her pumped bun, stretched down, exposing my tanned treasure and a strip of blue panties to my eyes.
I felt tension in my own underpants, which slightly rammed Natasha’s pubis through her jeans.
I glanced at her, at her embarrassed but pleased smile, and embarrassed.
The more I thought about what was happening, the more my cock tightened.
The more I painted paint.
However, for a long time I did not give blush drunk bottles of alcohol.
In addition, slowly the public around us continued to get drunk and I had no limits of decency.
I pressed Natasha to my chest and, looking into her eyes, slowly stretched to her lips.
We stood and played with tongues.
I felt her body shudder, how she was kicking, how her buttocks were tense.
My hands went down the curves of her waist and stopped at my hips.
She bit my lip.
I pinched her ass.
And then, in the rhythm of the waltz, he rolled it into the corridor.
We took shelter from prying eyes in (judging by the interior) bedroom.
Near the window in the gloom looked outlines of a wide sofa.
On a good pile of different pillows did not rest.
It seems that the owner had a fad on this score!

We were lobbying and caressed right in the center of the room.
I wanted to start undressing her, but she stopped me.
Pushed in the chest – I crashed on the couch.
She took a cell phone out of her pocket and, pressing a couple of keys, turned on a slow Mouzon.
It seemed to be something from Rihanna.
Then, putting the phone on the table next to the sofa, she began to slowly move to the music.
Oh yes, it was a worthwhile sight! I lay on the couch and enjoyed her striptease.
Her hips rotate.
Back bends.
Shaking hair at the exit of the deflection.
Her palms ran down her breasts and stomach.
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