webcam taboo tube The next time she was able to take the whole bag.
It went quickly and calmly.
She sighed and moaned, stroking her stomach with intestines swelling from the water in her hands.
When there was very little water left, I reached out and touched her shiny pussy.

– Yes! – She exclaimed, gasping, – go on, do not stop! I continued, and not much time passed when a violent orgasm came.

She pushed her hips towards my hand, squishing a swollen belly.
And when she finished, she still released a little bit of water.
That evening, we savored our sensations.
And when, almost exhausted, devastated, we lay on the bed, I said with certainty: – But you lied, as if you never once set yourself an enema.
Marina laughed softly: – I said this then in order to stir you up a little. webcam taboo tube
Yes, I really set it myself, and more than once.
But now you will do it.
“By the way, you lost the argument, not me,” I did not fail to notice.
– And what is your desire? – I think it completely coincides with yours.
Needless to say that our relationship has flared up again.

At the same time, we almost forgot about regular sex for a long time.
We tried a lot of things, including butter, milk, kvass, and sometimes shampoo was added to the enema to make the sensation more intense.
Once I found an old siphon for soda water with cans to it.
Deciding to make a surprise for Marina, once he gassed some warm water, he attached a rubber tube to the siphon’s nose and, telling not to peep, put a tip into her ass and pressed a lever.
Damn me if she didn’t cum at least three times while the bubbling soda filled her belly! She was moaning now from the sweet pain, now from the sudden relief, now from the burning of gas bubbles, apparently, all this irritated so much that it could not but cause an orgasm.
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