wireless webcam with sound Vanya hoped that some girl would ask him to help her in any subject, and this happened, but he had to wait another year.
In the second half of the school year, when everyone was preoccupied with final grades in a certificate for 8 classes, one of his former girlfriends approached him and asked him to pull up on math.
It was a graceful girl with a small but perfectly round ass and protruding boobs of the 1st size.
Inside Vanya, everything rejoiced, but he did not give it to her, as if he agreed to do her a favor, and they agreed that after class they would go to his home.

After coming, they drank tea, Vanya changed into home leotard, and they sat down to study in his room.
The table for classes was small, and therefore Vanya sat close to the girl.
From this neighborhood, a member began to rise, but Vanya, without giving any indication, explained to an odnoklasnitse the rules and examples of interest to her.

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He explained well, and soon the girl began to understand everything, and how everything turns out to be simple.
Vanya said she deserved encouragement and chmacked her cheek chastely.
The girl giggled and set him up for a kiss and another, which Vanya gladly did, taking her by the waist.
After kissing, Vanya proposed to take a short break and drink coffee.
The girl happily agreed, and he turned on the slow languorous iuzu went to make coffee.
a few minutes later the table was served with a cup of coffee, a bar of chocolate and a bottle of brandy, which Vanya proposed to add to the coffee.
After coffee and cognac, the girl began to make herself at home, and Vanya offered to drink another small glass of brandy, which they did.
From cognac, the girl was flushed and already willingly accepted Vanya’s invitation to dance a little.

She hugged his neck, and the couple slowly began to move in the dance.
Vanya, putting her hands on her waist, gradually stroked her, and suddenly the girl found his hand on her ass.
She startled, but Vanya reassured her and reminded how pleasant it was when she caress each other.
The girl blushed even more than from cognac, and agreed with this, but said that then they were small, the guy whispered in her ear that now it would be even nicer and unbuttoning the button on her skirt, began to make her way under the school shirt to get to her body.
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