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Mind! Mm! I cover the girl’s mouth in time.
There are things that should not be said, even in a fit of rage.
Maria Nikolaevna gives me a grateful look.

I had to try, but still managed to pass the scandal.
Sergei Mikhailovich drank something from the heart and calmed down a bit.
– Why do you want to live with Igor? – Maria Nikolaevna asked softly.
“He’s my boyfriend,” the girl answered unconvincingly.
“This is no reason,” the woman said calmly.
– There are many couples, and they live separately.
You know each other for several days, it will be better if you live separately for the time being.
Nobody forbids you to go to the cinema or cafe.
– No, I am.
, – Marina got lost, but found the strength to continue.
– I heard your talk.
I know everything.
– What do you know? – a man and a woman looked at each other in bewilderment, they looked confused, apparently they could not remember any terrible secrets.
– What do I need line for my husband for a proven person! – almost shouted out Marina.
– That you have already looked after the groom!

That it is necessary to simply present it correctly, and I will bite! I heard everything! – Marinochka, it’s not like that! – Sergey Mikhailovich was worried.
– You do not understand! – Here! Again! – the girl has become angry.
– You consider me stupid! You do not explain anything, but decide for me! And now I have made a decision – I will live with Igor.
He does not mind.
Yes, Igor? I nod cautiously.
Sergei Mikhailovich powerlessly covers his face with his hands.
“I knew that these conversations would not lead to good,” Maria Nikolaevna sighed.
– I think we need to explain a lot.
– I will explain! – ardently spoke Sergei Mikhailovich.
– Just do not go, Marina.
Please stay.
We’re going crazy! You’re still a child, you can not live alone.
– Not alone! With Igor, – the girl stamped her foot.
– Will you give me a bag to collect? If not, we are leaving right now! Sergei Mikhailovich grabbed his heart, but Maria Nikolayevna soothingly stroked his arm. amateur granny webcam tube
“Pack a bag,” she said.
– But, Masha! – still fought Sergei Mikhailovich.

“Everything will be fine,” Maria Nikolaevna sighed.
– You see, the girl is on edge.
To stop it now means to quarrel completely.
“But let go with that,” sideways glance at me.
“This one brought her home,” the woman acknowledged my viability.
– She is whole, full and, even, in new clothes.
I think for a few days we will let her think things over and calm down.
Then we will talk.
“Good,” Sergey Mikhailovich agreed with a creaking heart, he sighed and climbed somewhere in the kitchen cabinet.
He was busy for a long time, until, finally, he took out several five-thousandth bills.
– Here.
I do not want Marina to be undernourished.
And, if you have a shred of conscience, you will spend this money for its intended purpose.
“It’s not worth it,” I was not going to take the money, I still had some small savings from my salary and some things on my parent card.
– Take it! – the man continued to insist.
– I see you dressed.
Marina used to eat something more substantial than buckwheat or oatmeal.

She loves sweets, fish and olives.
“I will remember,” I nod in agreement.
“But I don’t need money, I can well buy it all myself.”
I am dressed as a result of force majeure.
– Take it! Spend a taxi – continued to insist the man, not believing my word.
– Do not need a taxi.
We are in a car.
– By car? – Sergey Mikhaylovich asked, apparently the car could not fit the image he composed.
In his opinion, I had to walk and gnaw buckwheat.
– Yes, – I nod.
– If you lead us, then see for yourself.
– I am ready, – Marina dragged two plump packages.
Sergei Mikhailovich wanted to ask more about who I am and what I live, but Marina refused to stay.
It seems she was afraid that some more and they would not let her go anywhere.
“I’m ready too,” Maria Nikolaevna was already wearing shoes and waiting for us in the hallway.
– Why are you so surprised? I have to see where my girl will live.
“Then I, too,” Sergei Mikhailovich said.
“No, Seryozha,” the woman stopped her husband.
– You rest, you can not worry much.

I will see everything there and if something does not suit me, I will return Marina back.
And do not argue! – she poked not indignant girl.
– And so send you.
to make concessions.
“Well,” said the man.
– Should I just wait? “No,” the woman firmly shook her head.
– You said that you have an old friend in the police.
Call him talk.
I want to be sure that if something happens, we will be able to instantly respond.
And so that there were no more fake cops.
– Mama Masha, – Marina indignantly blinked her eyes, so was agitated that she turned to the woman by her household nickname.
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