amateur webcam squirt compilation We were so sure that no one would see us, that they didn’t particularly hide: on the edge of the forest few were from the village.
One day, as hot as the previous ones, we comfortably settled on the grass under the birch trees and pussy jerked each other.
I already wanted to suck at Dima, when suddenly two men suddenly appeared on my left from behind the trees.
At the first moment we were numb and while we were thinking what to do, they were already standing next to us.

We had cowards down to our knees, and my pipisk, moreover, was still standing, thanks to the efforts of Dima.
The men were tall, but one was lower than the other.
Both of them were from those whom my mother called “Khachik”, t.
with black short hair and hairy arms.
“Hachiki” laughed, looking at our confusion, and at the same time at our open places.
– Do not hesitate, boys! – One that is higher, sat down next.
-With you can? I looked at him in amazement, and he stretched out his hand and took hold of my pipisk.
His fingers slowly and gently lowered the peel and raised.
I felt good and relaxed.
Another sat down next to Dima and began to caress his pisyunchik.
We felt a bit constrained by the fact that adult men touch our little pussies, but did not interfere, because I, at least, liked how my “hachik” did.

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They took off our panties completely and caressed not only pips, but also ass, legs, stomachs.
I hatched my eyes when my “hachik” spread my legs and began to suck on my tight pussy.
It was worse than Dimka! It sucked in such a way that the segment seemed ready to come off.
I pribaldel and took a breath when he switched to the ass.
I had to roll over on my side, and he licked it properly, and all I could do was tickle from the tickle.
Dimka, meanwhile, stood on all fours, and his “hachik” licked in his ass so that Dimkin anus could be seen.
We knew what these holes were used for and didn’t pay special attention to them, but when I got my finger in it, I was surprised to feel that it was very nice and relaxed my ass so as not to interfere with moving it inside.
– And you know how to take in your mouth? -Asked us my “hachik”.
We looked at each other.
– Aha: – Dimka confessed.
– Only we took Kolka.
— Who is this? – Yes, the boy from our village.
“Will you suck me?” My “hachik” got up and walked over to Dima, unbuttoning his pants.
– Just me a little: Dimka looked back at me and knelt down.
Throwing back his head, he opened his mouth wide and took a healthy male member.
I never imagined how it was: sucking cock in adults, and now I watched with interest as Dimka tries to take the member as deep as possible.

Khachik smiled and moaned softly from pleasure.
I walked up and stood by.
He put his hand on my ass and began to squeeze it in the palm of my hand, which I also enjoyed.
Dimka rose and wiped his lips.
“Did you like it?” The khachik squatted across from us, smiled broadly.
“Will you suck?” He looked at me.
With a fluttered heart, I knelt down and opened my mouth wide: I almost choked on a healthy thing that had fallen into my mouth.
She filled it all and began to enter the throat.
A little more, and I would cough, but she climbed back, and it became easier to breathe.
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