asian webcams show I heard a short crunch.
“Forkbreaker!” Thought Katya.
Gopnik fell.
Why are you so cruel? Cach, this is not a gift.

I did not know anything about them.
Scared for you.
Ahhh, scared! Where were you? Well.
I’ll explain it later.
And I left the cell in the office.
Let’s go home, maybe? Now the police will come here, to collect the body.
You called the cops? And what, it was necessary to be silent? So now let these goblins try to prove that their girl broke.
Well, let’s go home, eh? Let’s go.
Just stop me ass shake.
You are already fawning, not shaking off.
What did you cook for me to remember? I’m sorry, what.
Did you go to the theater for a long time? Long.
Because you will not wait.
About two years ago.
That’s good.
I brought the theater home.
Katya silently went back with Victor to the porch.
Theater! What did he come up with? A toy like that? Or maybe a new film? The door to the apartment was open.
Inside were strangers.
They put the light, the scenery, muffled each other.

Vit, they will play with us? Yes.
Let’s go while in the buffet, drink beer.
Victor removed the coat from Katya, shook it and gently hung it on its hanger.
The kitchen was already making noise in the kettle.
From there, a shadow came out to meet them.
Katya gasped.
There were no more shabby “building” wallpaper in small flowers, walls painted with dark green paint, a powerful “surgical” lamp, which hung under the ceiling.
Candles were burning – on the table, on the windowsill, on the gas stove.
The walls were draped with soft red plush and yellow-orange silk. porno camsexvideo
On the table were two bowls of fine Chinese porcelain and a large porcelain teapot.
In a small vase were candied fruits.
Next to a large dish – a bunch of small sandwiches, several varieties of cheese, microcakes.
The smell of freshly made good tea made you want to have a tea party right away.
Vic! When did you have time? It’s not me.
These are all actors.
Let’s have a snack and go watch.

They probably already have everything ready.
I was promised a real theater.
The performance really was real.
Katya, however, at first, she couldn’t decide what the actors were playing.
Shakespeare? Lope? Maraval? Calderon? The actors were dressed in costumes of that time, moving smoothly and confidently.
On the wall, which served as their backdrop, one after another, the scenery changed.
Katya already understood that the “scenery” was just pictures that were driven by a laser video projector, understood that the actors, with their voices, sometimes broadcast outright nonsense, but she liked the action.
It was pleasant that they watched this “performance” only together, that the action takes place two or three meters away from them.
They liked the muffled voices of the actors, their special, flowing grace, which would have looked stupid on the big stage.
I liked Victor’s hands, which she kept pushing away from her chest and legs, and then she waited for him to start again to “softly” her again.

Liked and the fact that in each scene the actors came out in more and more light and frank outfits.
Ladies (two graceful girls, a little bigger than Katya) are already in transparent dresses.
The light was set so that the nipples and neat strips of pubic hair looked through the transparent fabric very impressive.
Katya glanced at Victor – his trousers were bristling; he clearly appreciated the stage “discovery” of the director of this performance.
Strange, but Katya was not jealous at all.
with Viktor sat in the dark, the “scene” was lit by the side beams of compact spotlights.
Katya has already ceased to push away Victor’s hands and herself has pawed him with full swing, stroking the protruding member through the fabric of the trousers.
The girls in transparent dresses finished their dance, the music changed.
Katya just realized that the girls were dancing under Mussorgsky, “Dawn on the Moscow River”.
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