best chaturbate cam girls The girl laughed.
Husband laughed in response.
– Igor, and let’s on you? All the same, we are alone.
– alone? – the husband was surprised – oh yes, right there a cow.

Irina lowered her head.
Did not know that he likes to humiliate her.

Elena came up to Irina.
I sat down in front of her.
– Beautiful udder – she lifted the woman’s chest.
– Hi Ira -.
whispered in his ear.
The woman shuddered.
She believed to the last that she was not recognized.
It’s been 6 years.
But she was wrong.
I wanted to stop everything, run away.
She was scared, what awaits her? Why did she agree.
Fool, fool a thousand times.
Dull cow.
Elena got up, walked over to the table.
She sat on a chair, opened the folder.
– First time on the procedure? She asked. amateurs couples webcam
– The first.
So we decided to try something new.
– I’m sure you will like it.
And you will once again bring your cow to the milking.
Irina looked up.
– Well, maybe – hesitated husband.
How dare he, do he really like what they do to his wife? – We have many different procedures – Lena beamed – for example, pairing with a cow.
– Mating? – the husband was surprised.
– Yes, I did not notice that the legs of the cow are divorced?

You can pair yourself.
But we also have excellent bulls – producers with a very good farm.
You can put a bag on the cow’s head, and she won’t even know who she mates with.
Irina began to take anger.
Did Igor agree to this? Fuck it yourself or give it to another? – I do not even know – my husband was cruel – maybe another time.
Boiled teapot.
The girl poured tea into the mugs, pulled a vase of cookies to Igor.
– Igor, has your cow been long in hotels? – Inns? – did not understand the husband – in the sense of birth? – What are you funny – scattered girl – women give birth, and this is a cow! – Oh, yes, cow.
I hate it!
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