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Her own parent lived in another city altogether and his wife made her tactfully understand that we should not be bothered often.
In principle, she didn’t disbelieve.
I will try to describe the main characters of my memories.

I am a tall guy, 30 years old, of ordinary build, without excess fat and a beer belly, dark brown-haired.
The member is moderately long, 19–20 cm, but thick — almost 6 cm. busty blonde on cam
Before marriage, I had a very hectic sex life, but then I settled down after the wedding, except for my wife, there was no one.
We fucked with her actively, violently, so there was no particular dissatisfaction on my part, except that she categorically did not let me in her ass.
In her opinion, it was too “dirty.”
This, of course, upset me, but – there is nothing to do, I had to endure.
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