bruce campbell naked I should not have to go anywhere before her arrival.
The leash was long enough only to the toilet, the rest of the time I was sitting on the rug near the door.
Suddenly there were turns in the castle, I knelt down in front of the door.
The door opened and my Mistress Mistress entered.

I greeted her with the words “Hello, My Lady! Your Son is waiting for you.
Slut does everything.
“My mother invented this phrase by herself and for some reason when I said this – My Mistress smiled.
I took off her shoes.
And kissed the legs of his mother.
She sat on the chair next to the door and I began to lick her feet and suck on her fingers.
My legs smelled bad, but I had no choice.
This ritual was repeated every time My Mistress came from the street.
So she went to change clothes, but she didn’t untie me from the door.
It was always like this when Dad was not at home.
We agreed to keep our secret from everyone.
But mom still ordered to go to her strings to work.
Punishment was the ill-fated cork.
When I behaved badly, she inserted a cork under the thong and so sent me to study and work.
I had to be careful in movement, so as not to burn about the traffic jam and women’s panties on me.
Mom changed her clothes.
Passing by me – untied from the handle, pulled the leash and I crawled behind it to the kitchen.

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I was not wearing any clothes.
I had to walk around the house naked so that she had access to the body.
When Dad was not at home, she would expose me a bowl of food.
So Mom sat down at the table, and I crawled up to the bowl and began to eat my lunch.
I liked some things in our game, but there were also those to which I was not used.
The hostess called out my name and this was where the most unpleasant thing for me was to begin.
Mom loved to write to me – it excites her, as she says.
I opened my mouth, pressed them to my mom’s puss, tightly tight, otherwise she would have forced me to lick everything off the floor — I didn’t like it.
Mom clamped my head down.
() I pressed my mouth to her hairy pussy, nose against the pubis.
Buttocks Mistress strained, then relaxed and poured warm bad smelling liquid.
Mom knew how to control herself, so I waited while I swallowed her urine.
I was very unpleasant, but I tried to swallow everything.
Once, for something that I pulled away while she was writing to me, my mother put me in the bath, stood over me and described everything.
Then I wanted to write, the hostess squeezed the head of my dick, until he was swollen with urine, ordered to open her mouth and sent a stream to my mouth.

And so it went on throughout the day.
I could not get out of the bath, swim and drain all the liquid that was there, and my mother regularly came and wrote on my face.
Once she chela booty on my face, so that the nose was in her ass and began to move her hips and write in my mouth.
I got excited after that I found out that I love face stitching.
But then the hot liquid was over and I began to tongue lick my mother’s crotch.
I loved to do it because I knew what to lick.
At first I drove the tongue between the genital lips, approached the clitoris and played with it, my mother began to moan a little, and my dick swell.
bruce campbell naked