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As a child I was not flogged.


Even more precisely, they never once physically punished.
But closer to adolescence, I had to feel the “charm” of this kind of “upbringing”.
Most of the time I just got it with my hand, a pair of slaps through my pants. Kalisa pearl chaturbate webcamshow. Sometimes the father ordered me to lower my pants and underpants and give me a couple of slaps on my bare bottom.
For more solid punishments father used a belt.
Moreover, one wide leather rawhide leather belt was used for flogging, which my father brought back from abroad abroad during the Soviet era.
However, the time described was still Soviet.
In the event of a serious offense, the father strictly but calmly ordered to go to a small room, where the punishment only happened, in which there was only a cupboard, a stool and a sofa on which I was actually whipped. wild webcam girls
Next were the options.
Either my father put me in a corner from half an hour to an hour, sometimes ordering me to completely undress, or just take off my pants and shorts, or the execution would immediately begin.

In any case, before the spanking was a conversation, short or long.
Without raising my voice, my father reprimanded me for my real or imaginary fault.
As a rule, my father asked me if I understood that he was forced to do this because of my behavior.
I reacted differently – when I nodded my head and said, “ug,” when I was just silent.
After that, my father took me by the hand and led me to the closet where the belt came from.
Sometimes he took a belt and came up to me himself.
He held the belt in his left hand, with his right, he led me by the hand to the sofa.
There were options – either he himself took off his pants (if they were not already removed), or ordered me to take them off.
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