chinese sex spy cam Alyosha laid him on the bed, unfolded it.
His sister’s white wedding dress, rustling, spread out over the bed.
– Wow, there is even a veil! – Igor exclaimed.
– Yes, and gloves, everything is as it should be.

– Only stocking is missing.
– Do not worry, take my mother’s.
“Alyosha was already excited and nothing could stop him from this great idea: to change into a bride!” “Yeah, that’s fine.
Alyosha pulled white lace stockings from the bottom drawer. stockings webcam masturbating
Then he quickly undressed to his underwear, ready to reincarnate as a bride.
– Wait a minute, it will be ugly, if you have your family underwear under your dress.
– Igor giggled and handed the boy a narrow lace thong panties, which he took from the same box.
– Only you turn away.
– Alyosha reddened embarrassed.
– Of course.
Do not worry, I will not spy.
Igor turned away, and Alyosha, fearfully squinting at him, pulled off his pants and quickly pulled on his mother’s panties.
Then Igor helped him to wear tights and everything else.
– Well, look at yourself.
Here is a class! – Igor turned to him the door of the cabinet, in which a mirror was embedded. chinese sex spy cam