classy medeeea s bio and free webcam Spreading her arms, she lowered them and clutched at the bed slats, as expected, her eyes looked at the ceiling.
“Are you ready, bitch, to get a lesson?” – Yes, Master, I’m ready.
The man sat on his mother’s stomach and the pain marathon began.
– By the cheeks! – commanded the old woman and closed her eyes.

Sadist began to beat her on the cheeks.
Right, left, right, left.
The slave’s head jerked from side to side, its head buzzed, a bloody veil swam.
– Stop! – The blows stopped, cheeks burned.
– Ears! Leaning over the victim, the sadist put his palms under his mother’s head.
The woman groaned hoarsely, and her body arched from the pain.
The man eased the pressure and looked at her mother, her cheeks were red, her forehead and face were covered with large drops of sweat, she was breathing heavily and hoarsely.

Grinning, he pressed again.
The old woman wheezed, her body squirming with pain.
He loosened the pressure again. classy medeeea s bio and free webcam
During the third time, the slave fainted and pissed off.
Having brought the old woman to life, the man again thrust her hands behind her head.
– Stop! – the woman wheezed.
– Can we stop? – Offered master slave.
– For the cheek! – the old woman groaned and opened her mouth.
In the throat of an old woman gurgled saliva, she ran down her crumpled cheeks and chin.
– Stop! – The old woman coughed.
– Zaglot! – She opened her mouth again.
The man saw the blood in the corners of his mother’s lips, he still pulled her lips.
Putting his fingers together in a “boat,” he began to insert them into the old woman’s mouth.
Finally, the fingers entered at full length.
The sadist opened his fingers in the mouth of his victim, and the old woman began to choke.

Looking, as she chokes with his fingers, as her face pours with blood, the man pulled out slippery fingers.
Opening the mouth wide, the old woman breathed hoarsely and tried to cough.
– Stop! By the cheeks! – the victim croaked and closed her eyes.
Her head jerked helplessly from the blows to her cheeks.
– Stop! Come on! – The sadist looked at his victim.
Covered with sweat, exhausted, battered old woman, exhausted, flattened out in front of him, this sight excited.
Putting his hands on the neck of his mother, he felt with his thumbs his Adam’s apple, and, crushing the flabby skin, he pressed.
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