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The girls went to bathe in the shower, and my friend and I were forced to turn off the lights, put on the music, and wait for them to go out and dance to us a striptease.
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Now we want to try a trio consisting of 2 men and my wife.
How it all happens I will definitely write to new meetings.
He leads me, carefully, holds my hand, then lets me go, and I stand alone.

The trickle of seconds flows, where it came from and where, I will leave, but it will flow forever.
He touches my leg, takes off his sandals, I pull my toes on my legs, I want to stretch out like from a long sleep, straighten my whole body.
I straighten my shoulders and lift my head.
His hands take me by the shoulders, the rustling of the dress, he walks behind my back, I feel like he unbuckles a small hook, then a zipper runs down the back.
His hands, palms fall on the shoulders, no need to predict anything, no need to think, let everything go by itself, I smile, my tongue licks my lips.
His palms diverge to the sides, a slight coolness slides over my body, the straps slip from my shoulders, I open my arms and lower them.
Easy breathing, how can you breathe like that? Everything comes from the inside, I feel like the fabric of the dress touches my nipples, I exhale, the dress having lost its support begins to sag, I still exhale, but I can no longer.

Inhale, deep breath to pain in the inside, but I felt better, and then the fabric slipped from my chest, I did not feel it anymore, I took another breath.
He untied the bow on his back, the ribbons in the form of a belt relaxed me.
His palms rose to his shoulders, and then, according to my hands, they went to the bottom.
I pulled my stomach in, it seemed that I was standing in front of a mirror and I could see myself.
I stand alone, he is not, I do not feel his presence, his touch, his breath, for some moment I was confused.
I listened, there was only silence and a barely audible game of cricket.
I turned my head in the opposite direction from the window, as if I could see something.
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