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– Well.
And the “explosion.”

This story happened to me in the summer of 2006, when I with my cousin Alik went to the Black Sea coast of Crimea to do business.
We decided to start with the sale of ice cream.
Despite all the seeming promise of this type of activity, it turned out to be unprofitable.
We already thought to leave.
But suddenly luck struck me – I won two scooters in backgammon.
Without thinking twice, my brother and I decided to make some money by rolling tourists.
It turned out that this is a very good business: 5 minutes was worth 15 dollars.
In addition, in addition to good profits, there were other nice bonuses.
Many beauties often asked us to ride them for free.
Naturally, we agreed, knowing full well that grateful girls will not remain in debt.
And most often this is what happened: all these ladies paid in full on the hot nights of love.
One day a girl of unreal beauty comes up to me: a gorgeous, leggy brunette with her real 5 size.
I, of course, saw many beauties in my life.
But such a combination of a lovely face with an ideal figure was rarely met.
In her, in my opinion, fell in love with all the men of the beach.
However, this goddess was not alone.

Her boyfriend was pretty pretty too: cute, tall and pumped up. naked male live cam
Outwardly, they were a beautiful couple, and seemed to fit perfectly together.
But it was the original, and, as it turned out, an erroneous impression.
As soon as the guy opened his mouth, as after a few phrases, it became clear that he was not distinguished by his intelligence and wit.
Besides, I have never met such greedy types.
After long and unsuccessful bargaining, this meanie turned around and took his disappointed girl, roughly grabbed his hand.
I am usually not interested in the personal relationships of strangers to me.
But it was a special case.
I watched them go and wondered what could connect this queen with this type.
From these thoughts I was soon distracted by the next, but this time more generous ones who want to ride with the wind on the waves.
But I couldn’t completely get rid of this seemingly insignificant episode from my head: a delightful brunette caught my eye every day.
Several times we even flirted with her a bit when her boyfriend went somewhere.
She had the pretty name Alain.
Seeing her scared look at the sight of her lover returning, I realized that he was extremely jealous and maybe even aggressive.
Having made such a conclusion, I preferred to stay away from the beauty, not wanting to create more problems for her.

For several days I only admired its exciting appetizing forms from afar.
Until one evening I saw Alain all in tears.
She walked quickly along the beach.
A few dozen meters from her, her boyfriend walked in and loudly shouted some kind of threat to her.
I could not stay away.
When I approached Alyona, I noticed a bruise on her face.
It angered me, and I stood up for her.
After a verbal skirmish, a fight ensued.
Alain tried to separate us.
At the same time they shouted, called each other the last words and sent to hell.
As a result, he left, leaving her alone on the beach with me.
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