fat women webcam Dima’s cheeks are burning, he throws his head back, unable to hold back moans.
Before orgasm, I untie his hands, and he cums on my chest.
Dima takes me in his arms and carries me to the bed, takes off the rest of my clothes.
He takes the largest strawberry in a vase, bites off the tip and starts to drive over my lips, lower and lower along the stomach, a red mark on my skin remains from the juice.

It carries berries on my clitoris, hard bones scratch the skin, the juice mixes with my juice, the smell of strawberries awakens even more sensuality.
Then he picks up cold champagne in his mouth and releases it on my genital lips, I feel a slight tingling sensation, and cold chills run through my body.
A long teasing kiss, Dima holds the tip of the tongue in my stomach, kisses the inner side of the thighs, fingers on my legs, sucks my thumb like a small dick.
A little tickle, his hands squeeze his ankles and widely spread my legs.

Dima, I can not, touch me “there” – I moaned.
Finally, his lips are closed on my clitoris, his tongue insistently slides along the entire moist cleft, makes circular movements along the anus, two fingers penetrate the vagina.
I shudder and moan in this madness, his fingers accelerate the pace, then stop.
Suddenly he inserts a wet finger into my anus, I scream from the unusual feeling.
One hand caresses the clitoris and stimulates the anus until I finish.
Then he enters into me, I twist his legs around his hips, so as to draw him into myself as deeply as possible and a mad jump begins. fat women webcam
I close my eyes from the unbearable pleasure, biting my lip, our bodies are covered with perspiration, Dimino has a hot breath, his quiet moans are unusually inflamed.
His lips are so sweet and tart from drinking champagne, I want his taste and smell to remain on my skin as long as possible.
After an orgasm, being in a languid state, I feel his seed running down my thighs.

Honey, you have such a sweet ass, I want you, he said in a hoarse voice.
But I have never tried “there.”
Do not cheat, something was, I see it in your eyes.
Once I was alone at home and, after reading porn, I took a thick candle, lit it to melt the wax and make the edges smoother, put more vaseline and put it in my ass until the end.
The candle is hard, it was very painful, I did not like this sodomy.
Do the same for me, I want to see, – Dima gets a dildo out of the drawer of the table and gives it to me.
I do not want it fat, imagine what such would have done to you.
I imagine and even want this.
I take a pillow and toss it in the middle of the bed.
Lay your stomach on the pillow, ”I commanded.
Dima executes my order, I sit on top of him, hands stroking his broad back, buttocks, massaging each muscle.
I spread his halves wide, tongue licking his delicate hole, pressing my fingertip.
Liberally grease dildo with petroleum jelly and carefully insert it into his ass, start slow movements, remove and insert it again with force.

His hands squeeze the sheets, loud groans from the tension and pain fill the room.
I myself am so excited that if there was another vibrator, I would put it in myself.
His cry brings me to life, probably, I made too sharp, deep tremors, not controlling myself.
I take out the vibrator from his anus and fall down beside myself.
I know how sensitive Dima is, I never even scratched his back, afraid to hurt him, and then I crossed all the borders.
I took his hand, covering each finger and wrists with kisses, said softly: Dimochka, I’m sorry, I probably overdid it.
I very love you.
If you want, do the same with me.
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