free online nude webcams From the furniture in the room was a wall on the left hand.
Opposite the wall, on the right hand was a corner sofa.
And between the wall and the sofa is a coffee table.
– Sit down, turn on the TV – said the owner and disappeared into the corridor.

I sat down.
I found a remote control and clicked off the TV.
Just sitting on the sofa, I noticed that on the wall in a row are model aircraft.
It seemed to me interesting and, getting up, began to examine them. free online nude webcams
– Tea or coffee? – heard from another room.
– Better coffee.
Taking one of the models, I sat on the sofa.
A host appeared in the aisle with a tray in hand.
On the tray were two cups of coffee, candy with cookies and sweets.
– Are you interested? – he put the tray on the table and sat down to my right.
– Yes.
When it is also pasted.
Sorry, forgot to ask.
What is your name? – I replied.
– My name is Artem Sergeevich.
Take some coffee.
Take a cookie.
Notable cookies you know.
So you are a student? – Yes, I am study.
– Clear.
Good airplane, huh? – he took from my hands a model – Miracle of engineering thought! – Yes, incredible planning for the masses of thought – I continued. free online nude webcams