gay muscle webcam Oh! Igor, I’m sorry, I have to go.
– Late-thought woman made an attempt to get up, but he stopped her.
Elena was indecisive, and, in general, depressed by what was happening to her.
Well, of course.

I really must go.
Memories of a woman there, in the garage, gave him, and without that sure, extra impudence.
The woman felt as if she was on a heated pan.
I want you to stay.
– His hand fell on her thigh, quickly massaged him and began to stroll along him to the bottom of the skirt.
Her thoughts, echoing somewhere in the depths, could not focus on what was actually happening.
Lena also remembered the garage, psychologically she was there again.
Standing in a rookery and rubbing himself, and then helpfully and meekly falling to his abuser – this does not pass without a trace.
Oh my God.
– she said.
But he was in no hurry to move to decisive action, considering it premature.
Igor took one glass to himself and served to the second woman, who was sitting with a flushed face.

The apartment was.
very stuffy, in the stale air there was a smell of Igor’s cologne and her French perfume.
She looked at his hand, carelessly slamming on her knees.
With a question in her eyes – “how wide is it necessary?” – she dutifully spread her legs.
She looked at him with a strange hunted look in which there was, in general, everything: confusion, and awe, and fear.
By nature, Igor was a very strong leader, he always tacitly tackled the company, it was always felt.
His small eyes seemed frozen forever, attentive and collected.
She caught herself in a sense of real fear – this was the first time with her. big granny webcam
But after all, she had everything to extinguish any aggression towards herself! There was not only inner conviction – the woman clearly felt like a female, who, for the sake of the good disposition of the leader, without unnecessary words, gives herself to use.
Drink up.
You do love him.
– Elena, squinting, looked through the glass and began to drink champagne in big gulps.

Igor went to the mini-bar, a quarter filled the already empty Lenin with a glass of vodka.
She was timid, but without resistance she took a glass.
Well what are you.
– Igor sat on the armrest and, holding the leg of the glass, brought it to her lips.
– Boldly.
Lena began to drink.
On the lips and chin several times the burning drink was splashed out, but strong hands did not release it until the glass was empty.
The woman almost did not think anything, even choked several times, after which she gasped for breath.
She whispered faintly.
Igor, filling his second glass just in case, sat down next to Elena.
Soon she felt his hands began to feel her: knee, thigh, stomach, waist, above.
She drank the second glass in one gulp.
The woman, resigned to the inevitable, wanted everything to be quick – like the first time with Victor.
But Igor, it seems, was in no hurry.
He stroked for a long time and touched her through his clothes, until he exposed his chest.

Elena no longer wondered how it looked from the outside, what he thought of her, she just sat and silently gave herself to shame of someone else’s hands.
And he stroked her breasts, weighed them on his palms, then sucked one nipple, the other.
Lena sat like an idol, as if not feeling a part in her own body, in what was being done to it.
The other man would have long broken and had sex, but not Igor.
He began to clench his chest, rather harshly, sadistically, until they turned red.
Lena did not resist, just turned away and closed her eyes.
Then he began to pull off the nipples, karyabat pink tips with nails, rotate between the fingers.
Elena frowned, but did nothing.
Finally, Igor leaned over his whole body – tearing down all that was unnecessary, exposing access to the alluring body – the abdomen, thighs.
The eyes of the man were instantly inflamed, the bulldog face was threateningly breathing.
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