granny sex hidden cam This time my brother asked me to help with another victim.
Her name was Natalia Shulshenko, 37 years old.
She was kidnapped for the purchase of 1 pharmaceutical company.
The executive director has already been contacted, he seemed to agree to pay half a million euros, but this takes time and the approval of the general director, the board of directors.

When I arrived, she already imagined where she had got and lost almost all her clothes.
Brother’s guards kept her, so that I could look at her in detail.
In very good shape, there is something to hold on to, but nothing really superfluous.
Dark brown hair just below the shoulders.
It was evident that they had recently been laid in a hairstyle, and now they are simply scattered over their shoulders and chest.
Brown eyes, love brown eyes.
She still had a gag in her mouth.
I reached for the clasp of her bra, clasping her hands.
At the same time, she blushed deeply, tensed, and when I cut the straps and threw him aside, I tried to escape.

She had breasts 3 sizes, with large neat pink papillae protruding slightly upward.
Then I slowly, looking into her eyes, pulled off her panties.
Yes, elastic smooth ass, as I like.
The bikini area is clean shaven, but the victim himself did not shave.
I immediately ordered to tie her to the gynecological chair.
In the room where I was going to play with her, there were cameras everywhere.
The first thing I removed the gag.
The corners of her lips had already been torn apart by coarse cloth. porn teen video webcam girls
-Not! Do not dare! I responded lightly slapped her face.
– Do not scream.
And do not try to resist, it will be worse.
What’s your name? She apparently was smart and decided not to resist.
Almost sure that she is trying to deceive me with her imaginary resignation.
Of course, I knew her name, but the fact that she herself said him seemed to give me some power over her.
– Natalia.
And the voice is quiet, but melodic, pleasant.

“Now listen to me, they’ll mock you a little, rape you.”
Be a good girl and do not make yourself worse, do not resist, be submissive and everything will be in order.
After these words, I took everything I needed on the camera, slowly, feeling her sexual lips, put foam on her pubis and just as slowly shaved everything clean.
And smiled, I love when my partner is smooth as a girl.
-Oh! You are just beautiful! Such sponges.
She blushed, but did not answer me.
I even forgot that she could resist again and kissed her on the lips.
And here she bit me, to the blood.
It didn’t work out, but it was very painful.
I spat blood twice before calling the convoy.
I told them that Shulshenko behaved very badly and should be punished.
She was immediately taken to the basement.
I didn’t care how they would obedience from her, I just said not to cripple her and not to spoil the skin, this woman was a very valuable commodity, plus it would not be so cool to fuck her with a spoiled skin.

The next day I went down to the basement to see how she was there.
In addition to her in the basement was another woman, Sveta.
From her brother made a slave.
She recently disobeyed him, for which she was sent to this basement for several days.
For a while, Shulshenko herself was simply beaten with a rod on the feet, and then showed what they were doing to the slave brother.
The woman watched in horror, the second prisoner was cruelly allowed to go around, made soap enemas, raped with a bottle of champagne, beaten, and weights weighed on piercings in nipples, sex lips, and then connected a weak electricity generator.
It was enough for a slave to do something wrong, to suck less diligently, not to guess what position to stand in, how she was punished by a very painful discharge.
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