hayleenewman sex cam I’m not pretentious.
– Well, – she began to lay out the sofa and cover it, – do you have a blanket warmer? – No, even the sheets will suffice, then the fireplace tube goes right away, it will be warm for a long time to come from it.
– Well, the toilet – the door next to the entrance to the bath.
– Yes, I have already seen and understood.

I went downstairs, went to the toilet, then to the bath, took my clothes and returned to the second floor.
The sofa was already made, the sounds came from the Room’s machine; she was doing something there, apparently making the bed.
I hung a sheet on the balcony railing above the stairs, pulled on my underpants and slipped onto the sofa under the thick sheet.
After a couple of minutes, Masha from her room passed down.
She was wearing an almost transparent nightie just above the knee, under which her beautiful breasts looked out, and the small panties were white below.

A few minutes later she returned and walked into her room, wishing me good night along the way and turning off the lights in the room.
In the gap from the lamp looked very nice her body under a nightie.
I drove away all non-humane thoughts.
The house was covered with darkness and silence.
I fell asleep pretty quickly.
I woke up because something cold touched my feet.
I opened my eyes.
Masha climbed up under the sheet and pressed herself against me.
– Alex, forgive me for waking up and invading your space, but it still freezes me and the feeling of anxiety does not leave me. hayleenewman sex cam
– It’s okay, can you grab your blanket? “It’s right there, but it’s blowing from you with heat, that’s why I’m so,” she pressed her body against me and her trembling gradually began to subside.
Oddly enough, I fell further into sleep almost instantly.
I haven’t slept so sweetly for a long time.
Sleep on the most nowhere.
I woke up, I do not even know how much.

I think at ten o’clock.
I had a small warm clump sleeping beside me – Masha.
The sheet that served us as a blanket was knotted at the feet.
Masha lay with her back pressed to me and slept sweetly.
The nightie on her got off almost to the armpits, exposing her round ass in panties, tummy, and chest, which was on top.
I turned on my side to her, hugged and pulled her to me, putting my hand right under my chest.
She in a dream put her hand on mine and continued to sleep on.
She was no longer freezing, apparently she had received a good portion of sleep since the evening, well warmed up.
I fell into a half nap.
From the slumber I was led out by the movement of the body in my arms.
Masha woke up, turned over on the other side, facing me.
I did not open my eyes, as my hand was thrown over Masha, so I remained there, sliding on her chest and side while she turned over.
She pressed her cheek against my shoulder, her breasts, finally fluttering out of the nightie pressed against me.

I pretended to sleep.
Masha apparently was disturbed by a nightie huddled up to her armpits, so she slightly raised herself, pulled her off, throwing it aside and lay back, leaning against me.
– With you so calm, you feel protected, – she lifted her head from my shoulder and looked into my eyes.
– What? – as if from a dream, I asked her and opened my eyes.
– With you, calm and comfortable, I feel protected.
On the road, I was scared at first, but I realized that either I would be bent, or at least a little lucky.
It turned out lucky.
– How are you feeling? Do not freeze? – No, I slept, clinging to such a hot stove in your face.
May I kiss you? – Try it.
She raised herself a little, not a single gram, not ashamed of her nudity, and stretched her lips to my cheek.
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