indian sex web sites With subtle slowness, Midav moves back, and then enters Aniri again with all his strength.
Aniri freezes.
– Still? “Yes,” she breathes.
Aniri does not hold back moans.

My body takes it in itself.
So glad.
– Want more? – Yes! – Begs for Aniri.
This time Midav does not stop.
He leans on his elbows, and now she feels the weight of his body.
At first he moves slowly, freely going out and entering.
As Aniri gets used to feeling him inside her, her hips begin to move unsteadily toward him.
He moves faster and faster in a merciless, unrelenting rhythm, and Aniri picks up this movement.
Midav squeezes her head with her hands and eagerly kisses.
He is shifting a little, and now Aniri feels like an already familiar feeling is growing deep somewhere.
She is all woody, trembling, drenched in sweat.
She did not know that it happens.
I could not even imagine what could be so good.
Thoughts scatter.
there are only sensations.

only he.
only me
oh please
“Stop it, Midav,” she whispers in a minute more, almost soundlessly.
From her words I limp, reaching the highest point of bliss, and break up into a thousand pieces.
Immediately after this I penetrate even deeper and, with a groan exhaling her name, I freeze, ending in her.
I still can not catch my breath, my heart is pounding with happiness, in my thoughts there is complete disorder.
It was awesome.
I open my eyes.
Aniri still rests her forehead on my forehead, her eyes are closed, her breathing is uneven. chaturbate free chat live
She opens her eyes and meets my gaze.
And only then slowly I go out of it.
I can not help but smile broadly.
She pulled out beside me.
I am completely relaxed and can’t wipe the smiles off my face.
“I want it again,” she whispers.
Turn over on your tummy, as I agreed, I will do with my slave whatever I want.
Aniri glances at me and turns.
I tie her lovely legs with special straps prepared for this.

The hand drops to her waist, slides over the thigh and down the leg to the knee.
Her breathing accelerates.
oh my god what is he going to do? Midav slowly and gently runs his hand over the pope, and then his fingers slip Aniri between his legs.
– I’ll take you from behind, Aniri.
She cannot even move her head – bound and helpless.
“You’re mine,” he whispers.
– Only mine.
Do not forget.
– His voice is stupefying, the words are spinning.
I feel his growing erection on my hip.
Midawa’s long fingers with slow rotational movements gently caress my clitoris.
I feel his breath on my cheek and the soft touch of my lips.
His hand is still moving in a circle, and reflexively Aniri begins to move his hips to the beat.
Anguish bliss flows through the veins like adrenaline.
“Do not twitch,” he says softly, but sternly, and slowly inserts his thumb into me, rhythmically pressing the front wall of the vagina.
The effect is absolutely stunning – all the internal energy is collected in this small point of my body.

I moan.
His finger does not stop.
I close my eyes and try to breathe evenly, taking in the inordinate sensations that these fingers release in me, the fire devouring my body.
I hear my moan.
I can’t move.
He holds me tightly, without slowing down an even, painful rhythm.
It is absolutely amazing.
After my next moan, Midav suddenly stops.
– You are welcome.
– I beg.
I can’t stand it anymore.
My body is so tense and so eager for detente.
An hour later, he took pity, but immediately began a new torture with sensuality.
Periodically stepping back, he pauses, enters to the end.
This is repeated over and over.
Mocking, slow rhythm and brief moments when it is completely in me, bring me to a frenzy.
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