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– Here you go.
And colleagues supported me! – said Andrew and came close to me, took out the extenders from my holes and immediately inserted his fingers into their place.
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Part 1 – Hi.
How are you here cozy.
– Elena Petrovna went to Sveta’s apartment and looked around.
– You like? Sveta invited a young teacher of geography to her home for extracurricular activities.
What they did outside of class, with Elena Petrovna, at home, or even sometimes in class, was not always geography.
More precisely, geography was a pretext, so to speak.
– Parents will not come soon? – Elena Petrovna asked conspiratorially. my free cam chaturbate
– Should not.
As soon as Sveta said this, a key turned in the keyhole of the door lock.
The door opened and Sveta’s mother entered the apartment.
She looked at the abused teacher and daughter.
– Hello.
– Hi mommy.
Get acquainted.
This is Elena Petrovna, my geography teacher.
– Hello.

I am Elena.
We are going to prepare for the Olympics.
And I wanted to spend a couple of extra hours with your daughter.
– Very nice.
No, probably Nastya.
It’s great.
And what are you standing in the hallway.
Come on.
– Yes, I just went.
“You have such young, interesting and beautiful teachers of Light,” the mother seemed to be addressing the Light, but she herself looked into Elena’s eyes.
– Thanks to Anastasia.
To tell you the truth, you also look great – in the eyes of the teacher flashed sly lights of interest, responding to the unequivocal look of a woman.
Sveta’s mother watched herself.
Her figure was the standard.
She was a strict boss, and tried to dress elegantly.
She was wearing a pantsuit, shoes.
At the same time, Elena was wearing a short skirt, a sweater, short boots with high heels and stockings.
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