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Meanwhile, Mrs. lay on the bed, and the slave settled between her legs and took a dildo in her mouth.
She moved her head – then stuck, then taking out a big pink member, forcing the Lady to breathe heavily and moan.
With every second the tension was increasing.

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Orgasm was stormy! After waiting for the ladies to catch their breath, I entered the bedroom.
– Good morning, Madam! Good morning Daria! Sorry to bother you, let me have breakfast? – I said officially.
Julia looked at me and, turning to the slave, said: – Let the slave satisfy you, it’s not a good thing for a young girl to remain dissatisfied! – Thank you, Mistress! – Dasha thanked her.
– Rab, heard? – Yes Milady! – Alive! “Oh, miracle! Oh, happiness!” I don’t know who got more pleasure from what is happening – is she or me ?! phone cam sex video