preggo webcam Going into the sauna, which he had already heated up, we sat on the shelves.
A conversation ensued about nothing.
The heat was such that for a long time we could not stand it and hurried to cool off, rolling out head over heels and taking each place under the ice streams of shower cubicles.
Having a little recovered, we sat down on the benches and Andrei suddenly suggested to undress.

Katya and I, of course, took this offer with hostility, but Marina also began to insist on a total outcrop.
Then Andrew went to the trick and said that if Katya and I would guess the riddle, it would be ours, and if not, then we will blame ourselves. preggo webcam
The riddle was: “What is the difference between a blonde and a mosquito?” We puzzled for a long time, but could not offer any options.
Then Andrew said: “Mosquito does not need to be stroked on the head when it sucks!” For some reason, the joke greatly pleased Katerina and she laughed for a long time.
Andrei and Marina, said they had to leave their clothes and went to the locker room, saying that they would then go to the sauna at the second run.
Katerina told me, when they came out of the sauna, that she was very shy, I was broken no less, but there was nowhere to go and I pretended that I didn’t care.
Katerina is slightly reassured.
We went to the locker room, from which at that moment they were leaving.
The first was Andrei.
Good God! How lucky this dunce! I was already jealous of my wife.
Katya walked in front of me and I saw her eyes gliding over his figure and lingered in the groin area. preggo webcam