seks chat chaturbate After a minute – he and the diva sat back on the couch, fully giving in to the bliss that was pleasantly spreading over the body.
Feeling the forty-degree warmth slowly creeping into the bowels, looking at the mother, he felt the melon of the spirit of the perfume mixed with a distant admixture of some wines: according to her frequent laughter, he had long guessed that she had come “tipsy”, but only now he personally sensed this.
“Why, the New Year’s Eve concert without a banquet! – With a certain bitterness of jealousy, he thought, avidly wandering around the family features of a female Renaissance person.
– Probably plenty swallowed from the horns of all kinds of fine wines of the next mafia.

And maybe something else in addition swallowed.
“He fixed his gaze on her ardent flower of red lips (imagining for a moment how their petals opened in the girth of a hard hunting horn, stained with trickles of wine blood!) And again felt a keen desire to touch them in a kiss! Doped up with spicy amber of wine and melissa’s airy breath, he was just baldeted by the sight of the gorgeous beauty of a star mother! – Can we dance son? – Noticing his glance, Izolda Aslanovna winked playfully.
– Of course, mom! – Ilya answered with joy.

Rising from the couch, she immediately jumped to the nearby musical center, inserted the first disc and pressed the playlist. bongacams girls vk
– Ilya, now I invite you to the white dance! Exclaimed the mature diva.
– Come to me, my beau! With an unexpected feeling of embarrassment, Illya approached her, and, they slowly spun around the hall.
– Mom, and you are my most beautiful.
– he soon confessed to her in the hop, gently dureya from pouring beautiful sounds and smells.
– The most beautiful in the world.
– Oh-oh-oh, Ilya! What compliments! – laughed Isolde Aslanovna, being led in their dance duet.
“You, son, seem to have a good drink today, quail!” – No, really, mom! You are a real diva! Beauty! Even your smell seems special to me.
Soon, as if “involuntarily”, his hands, lying on her waist, began to gently stroke the smooth surface of her half-naked back, mutually lowering lower and lower to the large seductive ass.
In turn, feeling the touch of her son more and more clearly, Isolde Aslanovna saw that he was almost in a trance.
“Son, you have become quite an adult with me,” she admitted, looking at him with tenderness.
– I noticed it at the ball, organized by you on the occasion of graduation.
Oh, how I danced then, that then I just didn’t feel my legs!

However, he did not respond to her words, continuing to move like a zombie in the dance.
– What are you saying, Ilyush ?! – Immediately the diva laughed, embarking on affectionately stroking his dark hair.
– BUT?! – Immediately startled Ilya.
– No, I do not sleep fucking.
Chuckling at him, Izolda Aslanovna wanted to continue the conversation, but suddenly she felt that something obviously prevented her from moving.
With an instantaneous suggestion, she took a hip and, in fact, made sure that Ilya had an impressive hill in jeans! At that very moment, he was already “shooting” looking straight into her eyes, and she answered him with a long gaze.
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