sex rus bed cam ru After dinner, Rasim told Dima that he was coming to visit the twin brothers – he would see how they settled in their room, and Dima had nothing to do, how to go for a visit too – it was silly to sit in the room alone, and Dima thought that it would still be necessary to do this, went to the girls; Dimka agreed with Rasim that Rasim, if he would return home before Dimka, would call him, Dimka, to find out in which room to get Dimka’s key for his number.
The girls met Dimka joyfully – and chirped, chirped.
two hours chirped, without stopping, – the time flew completely unnoticed.
Rasim did not call.

Dimka wanted Rasim to call him to finish his gatherings first, but the phone was stubbornly silent – and Dimka, tired of stupid chirping, at the beginning of the third hour of his stay in the girls’ room, finally got up, saying that it’s time to step into your apartment “.
“Dima, come to us again! Tomorrow come!

We will wait every evening!” – girls chirped, and Dimka, smilingly seductively at the girls, said that it was good that he would come, while Rasim, the ninth-grader, who had barely appeared at school, brought Dimka crazy, was standing in front of his mind.
now they were together, lived in the same room and were already friends, and he, Dimka, spent two hours in the girls’ room, habitually depicting a lovelace.
Kick-ass, how it all was both absurd and stupid! They say: “man is led by fate.”
they say this in the sense that nothing in our life is accidental – nothing ever happens just like that, and someone believes in it, believing that it is really in the life of every person that everything is prearranged in advance somewhere by someone and predetermined, and someone, on the contrary, denies all this, being in the firm conviction that there is no predestination in our life, that everyone is a blacksmith of his own happiness, and who is right here.

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How can one know for certain what cannot be seen or touched? Dimka could still sit at the girls in the room for half an hour or even an hour – the girls didn’t persecute him, he, all three of them, secretly liked each other, but he suddenly stood up emphatically, saying that he had to “move into his apartments”; Of course, for two hours his girls were barely tired, and therefore the desire to leave them was understandable – and at the same time some vague, incomprehensible, inexplicable anxiety suddenly seized Dimka, forcing him to hastily leave the number of girls.
And then, entering the elevator, Dimka mistakenly pressed the button of his own – the ninth floor, but pressed the button of the tenth floor, and the explanation of such carelessness was also on the surface: Dimka, entering the elevator, was completely absorbed in thoughts of Rasim – he , in love, wanted to see Rasim, wanted to hear him, and therefore mistakenly pressed the wrong button.

that is, all this – and the desire to slip away from the order of annoying girls, and carelessness when you press the floor button in the elevator car – was quite understandable, more precisely, it would be quite understandable if, coming out of the elevator on another floor, he, Dimka, was not would see Rasim.
Dimka, who pressed the wrong button in the elevator, saw Rasim where he, Rasim, was not supposed to be – thinking about Rasim, Dimka pressed exactly the button and the button that needed to be pressed, and this was completely inexplicable .
how can you not believe that a person leads his fate? Coming out of the elevator car immediately fell into a small hall, from which corridors with numbers left and left and right, – Rasim stood half a turn to Dimka, two alien guys stood next to him, too, half a turn to Dimka, so Dimka saw all three of them for a moment earlier than turning their heads, they saw him, and – first of all, Dimka experienced this feeling of jealousy: Rasim — eh Rasim — stood with some guys.

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