usb 3 webcam I pulled a member and just twitching lay down near you and the back of my hand stroked you on the cheeks and hair.
We lay silent in the eyes.
I miss you, – you whispered gently kissing me on the lips.
I, too, I replied to myself.

At that time I was 30 years old.
For ten years I have been married and my 6-year-old son was growing up.
Sexual relations with his wife reached the established fresh phase, when the presence of a mistress was supposed to be one hundred percent likely.
So I met regularly with a pretty married 27-year-old Olga, whom I met at a party in a city tourist club.
A couple of times we happened to be with her together on weekend hikes and quietly got into a tender relationship.
Olga was married, and our meetings with her most often took place at her school friend Tonechka, who lived in her house on the outskirts of the city with two young children.
At that time, I famously traveled around to a bright yellow “penny”, a very old age, in which various “sores” were found all the time and I often spent evenings in the garage, where I was picking cars, searching for and fixing another problem.

Cell phones at that time was not there yet, and it was difficult to control my whereabouts on the part of my wife.
I also used it.
Phoned Olga in advance, after the family dinner, instead of the garage, I drove straight to the agreed meeting place, and together we flew to visit Tonechka.
There, in order to comply with decency, we drank tea with a brought cake, after which Tonya quickly sent the children to sleep, and Olga and I retired in a small bedroom, where for about an hour and a half we brought each other the joys that we lacked in family life.
Not to say that Olga was a skillful or temperamental partner. lesbian webcam porn
Rather, on the contrary, she was very indifferent to sex, and meetings with me were for her a certain answer to her spouse, who did not in the least conceal her successes on the alternative “female” front and therefore performed her marital duty not only very rarely, but also out of favor .

With all the restraint and obsession of Oli, the atmosphere of adultery filled our meetings with her with a special aroma, and I took great pleasure in the possession of her body.
Having closed the door behind us, we didn’t waste time on empty embraces – quickly undressing, Olya went to bed on a narrow, laid-out sofa, covered with a curtain, and I, kneeling down, started kissing her, starting with slightly parted lips and gradually went down lower and lower.
Olga’s transition from the dressed state to the fully nude took place almost in complete darkness.
The faint reflections of the street lamp, penetrating through the curtained window, did not give me the opportunity to clearly see even Olya’s underwear.
I am now trying hard to remember which panties she preferred.
Everything happened so fast that while I unbuttoned my jeans and tightened my sweater, Olya was already undressed, and my hands groped her smooth skin in the dim light.

Olga did not seem to react either to the kisses of the neck, nor when I kissed her breasts and hands.
It gave me great pleasure to touch her body with lips, feeling the smells of a young woman who took a shower a couple of hours ago, but had already managed to soak in the natural aroma of a living body again.
Kissing my neck, I absorbed the remnants of the smell of her daily perfume.
When kissing my chest, I inevitably felt a slight exciting smell of her armpits, mixing with the tart echo of deodorant.
When my lips finally found the hollow of her navel, she slightly spread her legs, and I understood it as a sign that she was ready to accept me.
I lay down on it, and my dick entered freely into a slightly wet vagina.
By this time, I usually already reached the degree of excitement and readiness that the first “shot” occurred literally after several movements.
I knew that Olga uses a spiral, and was not afraid to cum into it.

As soon as I pulled my limp organ out of Olga, she immediately closed her legs, as if trying to keep the male vitamins in her for a little longer.
Having fed the first desire, we continued to lie side by side until my cock started to gain strength again.
Leaning on my elbow, I stroked Olya’s chest, gently squeezing her nipples.
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