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She stroked him, then ottyagyvala foreskin, then sore balls.
It was all beautiful.
So lasted quite a lot of time.

For a moment I stopped and leaned back on the seats – I was tired, my loins were numb, I was thirsty.
We rested a bit, looked at the events evolving on the canvas, faced glances.
I don’t remember exactly what we were whispering, but came to the conclusion that I need to finish !!! Now I took the position more conveniently and waited for her actions.
I did not have to wait long.
She grabbed my hot cock, began to make progressive movements up and down.
All this brought divine pleasure to me.
I also closed my eyes, dreamed about something, my pulse was cleaned.
After what I did to her, I was so excited that it seemed to me that I was about to finish.
I did not want! I also wanted to savor these feelings, I somehow kept myself.
Sometimes my dick felt the heat from her juicy mouth – she probyvala me with her mouth.

Her lips tightly adhered to the walls of the penis, immersing him in the nonexistence of the oral cavity, her tongue walked along the split head.
I felt her piercing between my legs, that brought some kind of a separate pleasure.
Especially when zhelezyachka touched the bridle member.
After, again there were caresses of her hands.
I do not remember an orgasm.
I probably was on the verge of loss of consciousness.
At the time of orgasm, my eyes were closed.
She led the process.
She had some skills in this regard: she prepared a couple of napkins, which were in cans from under popcorn and at the time of the fountain launch, made something like an umbrella over my pillar, so that sperm would not get on clothes .
However, the shooting was so strong that the defenses did not work. webcam boys suck
I felt like sperm hit me on my stomach, on my clothes, as it ran down my scrotum.
It was fucked up.
For a few seconds we sat without communication and movement.

The tie in the film came to an end.
We started kissing each other again.
I was all wet.
On the heels of sweat flowed, the shirt was all wet.
Abdomen, hands were sticky from our nectars.
We put ourselves in order.
I pulled on my shorts, wiped my body with a handkerchief.
She wore her panties, took them from my pocket wet shirt, lowered her skirt.
That’s how we spent time during the session of the film “Evan Almighty” in the cinema “Friendship”.
– And crazy.
Go, go.
– I.
– Bzzzzz !.
Best friend.
– You.
– You.
– Iiiiiyy.
– Papulik !.
The voice was so young and sonorous that I turned around on the go.
And froze.
– Papulik! A light figure flew towards me – and a second later I crashed into me and squeezed to a crunch, and puffed on my neck, and tickled my hair, mumbling – Papulik.
Damn, how solid you are, go nuts just.
I was stunned and half strangled.
The sharp smell of a woman — perfume, hair, and horseradish — knows what else; bare hands braided me and squeezed like a lemon, and somewhere there were boobs, tight and almost naked too, and they got into me in defiance of all propriety.
– Papan !.
– Alka? – No, Vera Brezhnev!

I did not recognize my own daughter in the morning.
Kapets easy! Her attractive face gleamed with such a kaleidoscope of emotions that it pricked my chest.
I really did not recognize her.
No wonder: in these seven years she has become SUCH that.
– Alka? What are you doing here? – No, well, ok? Hanging on your neck.
And what, nizya? – No, I am.
I mean – what are you doing?
Here? – How what? Come to you! Seven years have not seen! As in epic straight! – Alk! And what are you.
where are you going, uh.
– How where? With you to the end of the world.
Papulik !.
She sang happily, clutching at my sleeve.
The assistants who accompanied me to the office silently stared at us.
– Alk, but.
I’m going to work, understand? And I have an important meeting now.
– Alk, but.
and everything will be like then, remember? Then you took me to the meeting too, and then we all got wildly attached, remember?

How not to remember.
I clung to me like a macaque and had to brainstorm with her hanging on her sleeve.
I then arrived in Moscow – not to them, but on business.
Just started my business.
I decided to be a man and visit Luba with Alka.
We were not painted with Anyone, but I sent the money to her, not a bastard.
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