webcam mature sex We, without moving, looked at the naked woman and waited, that will be further.
Out of the corner of my eye, I noticed that Goshka unbuttoned his jeans, lowered his washed pants and began to nadrachivat his weary hojek.
Inna Sergeyevna went to the river.
Jumping, immediately plunged into the water with his head.

I was thinking that she decided to drown herself in the river, unable to bear the shame of what these bastards did to her.
But she, of course, was no longer an innocent girl.
Rape with rape, but: She emerged and began to loudly splash, rinse convulsively, wash off the sperm with which they pumped it to the brim.
Finally, she came out of the water and headed for her clothes.
Slowly I pulled my little bikini bottoms onto my wide hips, after tying the cords on them.
She put on her bra, twisting her arms, tied the strings on her back and neck and tucked her heavy breasts.
We silently watched her.

She took out a pack of cigarettes from the bag and lit it.
I smoked for a long time, greedily puffing on cigarette smoke.
Finishing a cigarette, she grinned bitterly and said softly: “I’ll burn, fucking!” Yes, really: I tried: In all holes: Animals !!! Dirty cattle !!! Then she took out her lipstick and put on her lips.
Finally, she threw on her own dressing-gown, which lay on the sand and did not hesitate at all while it was being raped, buttoned the buttons carelessly, leaving it unbuttoned from the top and bottom.
I collected my things in a bag and slowly went to the camp.
Goshka by this time brought himself to orgasm.
He finished.
A thick stream of his sperm flew onto the thick green grass.
He collapsed on his back in the grass with his arms helplessly spread out to the sides, with a devastated, but pleased look. usb webcam arduino
I said goodbye to Goshka and also ran to the camp, hoping to appear there before Inna Sergeyevna.

So it happened.
An hour later, Inna returned to the camp.
She quickly went to her room and appeared only on the evening line, when all the troops were built on the parade ground.
In a white blouse, black skirt, tan color pantyhose.
She tried to pretend that nothing happened, although it was noticeable by her how uncomfortable she was to walk.
She never told anyone about the rape.
Already nothing to change, let no one know better.
For three days she walked around the camp pensive and detached, thinking about something about her.
Probably experiencing his moral decline (of which, naturally, no one knew anything).
The camp knew that she went to sunbathe and her strange behavior was explained by the fact that she was overheated in the sun.
She lost all interest in me.
Lagged behind me.
She has completely forgotten that she was going to put a hold on me and “kick me out of the camp with a bang.”
And one night Inna Sergeyevna dreamed me naked, in all her glory.

I saw her all as clearly as in reality.
I woke up under a blanket in my cot covered in sweat.
My pisyun stood like a column.
The testicles are swollen.
I wanted to fuck up to insanity.
I suddenly remembered what Goshka was doing on the bank of the river.
I grabbed the head of my penis with the whole palm.
She was covered in a viscous, slippery liquid that looked like glue.
I didn’t manage to hold my palm across my penis, I just moved my clenched fist around the slippery hot head, as a taut, hot jet of thick, viscous fluid hit the blanket and I felt incredible relief and complete devastation, like Goshka then on the bank of the river.
And at the same time I felt the deepest sadness! I realized that childhood was over.
Here and now.
That I will never be who I was until now! I was covered with such longing! But I closed my eyes and did not myself notice how I fell into a deep sleep.

In general, I spent the shift in the camp safely.
Dad came for me at the end of the month.
He told me that I matured, that I was good.
Happily hugged me.
And I was happy only from meeting with my dad.
And the rest: And the rest I was disgusted and disgusting.
Aha Matured! Learned to smoke and masturbate! I knew how to swear, before the trip to the camp.
Before the gentleman’s kit (to drink), not a lot is missing.
It is unlikely that my father wanted for me just such a manhood.
Dad happy.
Mom too.
So everything is OK.
Based on the real stories of one very sweet and extremely passionate girl.
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