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– I will never believe that such a beauty had few lovers! Men probably flock on you like flies on honey.
And having tried once, you will not stop, you will want more and more.
Or is your husband jealous, and you are afraid to confess with him? – No, I do not give him a reason for jealousy.

– Well, you fool! – Mary laughed wickedly, – You’re kind of a modern girl, and argue like a farmer from the backwoods.
Dasha, for sure, was hurt by the words about the farmer, and she decided to take revenge on her companion: – Is it honest, your husband earns, and you and your lover are having fun and spending your husband’s money? – Darling, do you consider me a bad wife? – she grinned, – Understand that what I do gives pleasure to my husband.
If I stop this way of life, he will yearn, will beg me to cheat on him again.
His pleasure is my betrayal.
It inspires him both at home and at work.

Do not believe me, ask your husband – she looked inquiringly at John.
And he gave a short but important speech for Michael’s plan: – You see, Dasha, this is my second marriage.
In the first marriage I had the right wife, who did not cheat on me, and who did not want to hear about lovers.
We did not understand each other, we lived nearby, but at the same time were far from each other.
Mary is my second wife, and she gave me everything I dreamed about, what I missed.
With her I want to live in this world, she returned to me a forgotten feeling of happiness and pleasure.
No one understood me as well as she: she is closer to me of all people in the world, and when she is not near me, and when she cheats on me, and when she sleeps with her lover in our family bed, and drives me out into the living room.
For Mary, I will kill anyone if she asks for it – and that says it all. hot webcam blowjob
When Dasha confusedly apologized to everyone and went to the toilet, Mikhail turned to me, summing up the conversation: – Everything, the circle closed.

Have you seen how excitedly Dashi’s fingers trembled from the surging emotions? Now she knows two things: first, her previous ideas about the principles of building a successful marriage have collapsed, since they were at least not the only correct ones, but, as a maximum, erroneous; secondly, John’s description reminded her very much of you, her own husband.
But she looked at you and did not believe: is there really a cuckold hiding behind this mask of an accomplished man like this white American? So the fish got hooked.
And she has the syndrome of excellence, so that she will get to the bottom of the truth so that her marriage will be perfect.
Moreover, the knowledge she has opened promises more freedom, more joy.
And, by the way, one more important thing Dasha heard and remembered (one hundred percent sure!): Mary told her that only village fools do not cheat on their husbands.

She was hooked and offended, and that was good.
Let it all go wrong in her head.
She – clever, and make the right conclusions.
Not immediately, but will.
When Dasha and I went to a disco after dinner, she was in the same thoughtful state and was silent.
And then suddenly asked a question, showing what her thoughts are doing: – In my opinion, what Mary told is terrible.
How do you think? I answered with the utmost indifference: – It is difficult to say, but in my opinion they are happy.
And in each hut – their rattles, so that we do not judge.
– Her black lover all time pawing her right under her husband.
– Yes, I also noticed.
But they all enjoyed it, is it bad? – I do not know.
– Dasha again went into thought.
At the disco, we sat with Dasha at the table and pulled cocktails.
Michael was not there.
I suggested to Dasha to go dancing, but she replied: – Oh well, something reluctant.

And she didn’t even consider me as a possible dance partner! An hour has passed.
Misha was not there, and Dasha, no longer trying to hide from me, began to turn her head around, looking for our friend: – Where did Misha go, eh? After a couple of songs from the crowd, Michael appeared, who danced a slow dance with some kind of half-naked mulatto beauty.
His hands were on her priest, and she clasped his neck tightly against him and kissed him on the lips.
He responded to her kiss, and they merged into one.
As suggested by Mikhail, who arranged this provocation especially for Dasha, my wife got up from the table and in an irritated voice said to me: “Stupid disco today!” And the music is too loud, and my head ached.
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