webcam videos mfc She continued to wear candies to him, and when she forgot to take them from home, Dima hinted that she could let everyone know that she had written herself in the theater, but even then she continued to sympathize with him, only now she felt hurt and hurt his words.
But the saddest event for her happened on the same day, when a new girl was transferred to their group.
Her name was Olya, and at first she didn’t like Alyona for her mannerism and flirtatiousness.
But many boys fell in love with her.

And so, as on the day when trouble happened to her in the theater, Alena brought a chocolate bar from the house and shared it with Dima.
And then for the first time Dima did not eat a chocolate bar, but presented a tile to a new girl. free teen sex cams
Alyona did not know then that the feeling that she felt then was called jealousy.
And Dima soon ceased to be friends with Alena, and switched to a new one.
It was then that such an idea arose in her: she imagined how Dima, one day, would strongly want to go to the toilet and described herself in front of a new girl.
But almost the opposite happened.
One day, while walking, Olga sat alone on the veranda and cried.
Alena herself then approached her and asked what was the matter.
The newcomer replied that she really wanted to go to the toilet, and that she was now crap-in, but didn’t want to ask for leave, because in the kindergarten from which she was transferred, the teachers scolded those who did not go to the toilet before going for a walk.
And then Alena ran up to Nadezhda Vasilyevna and said in a whisper that the new girl needed to go to the toilet and asked if it was possible to take her so that no one would know. webcam videos mfc