best plug and play webcam Alara could not resist the gentle onslaught, either figuratively or literally – they swayed and collapsed into the water, raising a cloud of spray! Somehow they emerged, spitting and laughing, then Iri helped her up.
Again he pressed to himself and kissed.
The girl pulled back a little: “Maybe we should go to a drier place after all?” – Can and dry.
He picked her up and carried her toward the cave – after three minutes they arrived at the place and he only had to gently and carefully put her on the bed.

“Why does his tenderness bother me so much? Maybe because I do not know how to be small and weak? But next to him – can not be different.
“Alara covered herself with a blanket, watching him take off his wet clothes.
She knew what was about to happen, but for some reason she was shivering – either from the cold, or from the strange restraint.
Finished with clothes, Irie looked at her and could not help but smile.
So tender, small and defenseless.
This look that waits and catches every movement.

As if she wants to give all of herself, but fears that she will not be free again.
Pulling the blanket up to her chin, she waited for him.
He simply lay down beside him, also covered with a blanket, and looked into her eyes.
And nothing more.
Just look.
For a while they silently looked into each other’s eyes.
Then the girl stretched out her arms and hugged his neck, snuggling and breathing in the still almost unfamiliar, but already so familiar smell of his skin.
She hid her face on his chest and sighed softly.
Irie put his arm around her shoulders and began to whisper in his ear the words that came to his mind. wildsexblondy sexcam
“Affectionate, tender, loving” and “I will not give you, we will always be together, there is only you and me.”
And he began to kiss her pretty face.
Kisses went lower and lower, and finally he got to the roundness that drove him so crazy.
His touch simply burned the skin of the girl.
– Aaaaahhhh !!! – she ran her fingers into his hair, and began to wriggle from the weightless pleasure.

When he got to his beloved nipples, he took one in his mouth and began to tease and suck on it, while the other simply rubbed his free hand with his fingers.
Kissing light butterflies fluttered over the girl’s body, sinking lower and lower and before her eyes was the most beautiful part of her fantastic human appearance.
Her treasury, which he intended to rob.
Gentle lips opened, and the dew of love has already acted on them, as on the petals of a flower.
Iri began to lick these droplets, then plunged his tongue between the delicate petals.
Alara moaned louder.
These lips did incredible things with her body – it just melted with pleasure! – Boooozh, Irie, booooeee! – A cry echoed throughout the cave.
Gentle heat spread throughout the body, obeying the dance of the tongue and tender lips.
Stars closed before eyes closed.
– Aaaahhh! Dda! He licked all her sweet crotch, not leaving a drop, her juice was drunk, forcing more and more to wield tongue.
The girl could not stand these sweet torments – and shuddered in her orgasm.

Inside her, everything pulsed, the pleasure poured in waves through the body, making it shiver and cry out.
Barely catching her breath, she raised herself.
– Irie.
I want to caress you too.
He did not have to ask twice.
He lay down next to Alara, proudly pushing his penis to the ceiling, waiting for his gentle female hand to warm him, and possibly her mouth.
Now her tender kisses went down over the body of her man.
When before the eyes of Alara there appeared a proudly protruding instrument of love – she gently wrapped her arm around him.
He eagerly and arbitrarily flinch from the gentle touch.
Slightly squeezing her fingers, she held up and down the trunk, caressing him, exposing the head.
She already shines with grease.
Alara leaned over and wrapped her lips around him.
Inside a warm moist mouth, a sharp tongue playfully slid on the head, began to tease the hole of the urethra.
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