big boobs free webcam We dwelt beyond its borders, merged into one, creating our own love and desire, passion and lust reality, beautiful as eternity and fleeting, like summer rain.
All feelings were sharpened to the limit, the bodies moved in unison, existing as if by themselves, bringing us closer to the inevitable denouement.
We were shiny with sweat.
There was a dry lump in my throat.

Blood boiled in the veins, straining all the muscles in the last effort, and some wild animal sounds burst out of the throat when the first most powerful wave of ecstasy flashed in our minds with a lightning bolt, and the bodies began to flutter in its waves, and from the stem of the stem. triumphal splashes poured in! This last orgasm was the most powerful.

Having lost his nerves, having dried up his bodies, he seemed to have swallowed his last strength, calmed down, turning us into a kind of rag dolls with empty eyes, which, intertwining in weak embraces, for some time just turned off, I woke up as abruptly as before, but now from thirst.

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Having clung to the almost full bottle of “Fanta”, I sucked it in half and only then came to myself completely.
The clock showed well past midnight.
The air in the room was hot, filled with the smell of semen and fresh sweat.
The red-hot stove continued to spew heat.
Sleep in no eye.
Consciousness was filled with aching and aching emptiness.
Turning over a glass of “Chateau”, I twisted the fire in the oven, opened the window, and returned to the bed.
The sparrow was swept in a dream among the crumpled wet sheets that kept the traces of our effusions.
Having straightened them in some way, I covered him with a blanket, involuntarily admiring the innocent childlike look of a sleeper.
The whole body was sticky.
The spray of the baby dried up in the thickets of the chest and abdomen, and now they pinched the skin, gluing the hairs together and tightening them.
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