black and white webcam It so happened that I moved to Moscow a long time ago.
But he was born and spent his childhood in a glorious town in the lower reaches of Mother Volga.
By nature I am an open, kind, a little shy and married man.
But there is one passion in me that does not allow you to live in peace and, from time to time, pushes you to various adventures and acquaintances.

Her name is Ephebophilia, that is, love for young men and teenage boys.
I can say for sure that I always completely control my sexual emotions, do not lead a dissolute life and do not seduce young people.
Parenting and education do not allow me to descend to this, especially since I am a married man and I have to devote almost all my free time to my family.
I do not force anyone to love, because I am convinced that everything should be here only by mutual agreement.
If a loneliness wave once overwhelms me, I prefer to correspond with youngsters, trying to tune our communication to a positive wave.

It is difficult to predict in advance what the correspondence will lead to, because it is often in the correspondence that a person is revealed from the best side.
Correspondence generates mutual sympathy or antipathy.
It is clear that the main charm of the Network is complete anonymity.
Surprisingly, the Internet with its endless chats, sites and ICQ is like a full-flowing river, which can only be entered once, and it is very difficult to get out of it.
This virtual river constantly “flows” and in it, as in our life, everything changes, sometimes for the better.
By nature, I am bisexual, and from time to time I am drawn to communicate with representatives of my own sex, namely with young men.
What could be more beautiful than the state of youth, when sincerity and energy, beating over the edge – your true friends.
When you are happy only because you still have everything ahead and you are capable of much. how to open your webcam
In the chest, in the body, the fire of desire burns and with your enthusiasm you are able to “ignite” and entice your parents, friends, and loved ones.

Soon I received a response from a guy who just turned 16.
We began to correspond, and soon the usual correspondence turned into a poetic-romantic “duel” of two young people.
My hero’s name is Slava, and he turned out to be a very talented person.
He graduated from school with a gold medal two years earlier than his peers, he entered the Institute without any problems.
It was a prodigy in the truest sense of the word.
We had a lot in common.
Upon learning that my young friend is a miracle child, I was a little embarrassed.
It seemed strange to me that a sixteen-year-old teenager might know and understand some issues better than adults.
But curiosity got the better of it, and, in the confusion and indecision, I made an appointment to meet him at the tram stop not far from his house.
The meeting was scheduled for 16 hours.
Glory came without delay.
Next to me stood a blue-eyed, handsome, thin teenager who looked at me.
From the first minutes the conversation did not stick, it seemed we had nothing to talk about.

But as we talked, I realized that in front of me was an intelligent and intelligent conversationalist with a very vulnerable soul.
A week after our first meeting, he invited me to his home for tea.
In a three-room very comfortable apartment, the furnishings were more intimate.
In Slavka’s room there was a soft sofa, a desk with a computer and several cozy chairs.
From the window there was a view of the winter, uncomfortable Volga, with ice floes sailing along it.
The cold wind penetrated, and my friend’s room was warm and cozy.
Slava confessed that he was interested in my letter because he liked the openness and honesty.
It did not contain vulgar and voluptuous allusions to sex.
Everything was very clear and understandable: friendship and correspondence.
Therefore, he willingly answered me in return for reciprocity.
Having drunk some delicious tea with delicious apricot jam, Slavik took my hand and led me into his room to tell about his interests and hobbies.

He turned on the computer, put on soft, soothing music and sat down on the chair.
After a short story, it turned out that we both write poetry, speak English well, and enjoy music and vocals.
Slava even had his own demo tapes, and after graduating from the Institute he was going to become a pop singer.
It is clear that without parental help is not enough.
But by combining energy, mental strength and creativeness with parents’ finances, you can achieve excellent results.
After his story, he fell silent, hung a pause, which was required to fill something.
black and white webcam