brother and sister sex webcam really I put my travel bags in the trunk when Lenka pulled off my crumpled tights and sat down to cast, not even bothering to move to the bushes.
For a few seconds I looked dumbfounded as a powerful jet was beating out of her body, forming a rather big puddle on the one trampled by us.
and those other.
the clearing.

Once, long ago, also at a picnic, I watched this process, crept up to the bushes, behind which sat my, then still young wife.
At that time, Lenka sat down, gracefully sticking out her poured ass, and in her entire figure some kind of grace could be discerned, accessible only to women, and only young and fresh.
Now, before me sat a miserable, wrinkled, tired woman, and with unpleasant shamelessness, she defused her need.
Recalling myself, I hastily turned away and hobbled to the tent, intending to pull out and throw away the crumpled, twisted sheets and a blanket.
Wait, I will bring order there myself, ”Lenka said, and it seemed that I was electrocuted.

She said it FEMALE, as if it was a question of something ordinary, customary.
From surprise, I did not know what to answer.
However, she did not ask about anything.
Went again to the car.
Then, tormented by bad forebodings, sneak peeked out from behind the trunk.
Lenka pulled out a crumpled sheet, froze for a few moments, as if remembering something, then slowly lifted it to her face and DROUGHT.
But not like a woman does to make sure – clean linen, or dirty – no, she slowly inhaled this smell of debauchery and did not take the sheet from her face for a very long time.
I dived into the trunk, rearranged the pump and jack, then returned them to their place.
What is this? My wife remembers last night with pleasure? No, no, nonsense! All nonsense. brother and sister sex webcam really
Lena, – I cleared my throat, – it is necessary to assemble a tent.
you come quickly there with.
Now, honey, now.
– she crumpled the sheet and blanket and carried them to the car.

Maybe quit? What we have – a little ?.
– I winced.
Wash, – his wife answered vaguely and threw a dirty ball into the trunk.
I wanted so much to leave this place more quickly – this is a damned place – that I didn’t fold the tent, but stuffed it in a bag anyhow, and in order to enter it I would stamp it with my foot.
Finally, they set off.
We drove to the city in silence.
I did not know whether to talk about what happened, and Lenka was silent tired, looking at the window indifferently.
She managed to wash, but did not, or did not want to make up.
And now I was sitting next to me just a little matured girl who was made to know all the filth and filth of our world.
Nothing, I thought, turning the wheel, will be forgotten, will pass.
Everything, over time, will go back to normal.
And indeed, after a couple of weeks, my wife again became the same – a sweet, infinitely beloved girl, creating comfort in our small apartment.

The only reminder of the experience was our lack of sex.
I just could not, did not know how to suggest Lenka to make love after all.
I hoped that she, as usual, would take the first step.
The fact is that we had a tacit agreement – when the wife wanted sex, she not only gently hugged me in bed, but also skillfully aroused a pen, sometimes a mouth.
Last, admit, it was not often.
But so far Lenka, apparently, did not strive for physical intimacy, and once I, tormented by vague desires, sinned on the side.
Once, tidying up the apartment, I took out the garbage.
Lenka left for mother’s day for weight, and I was wondering whether to drink after harvesting a beer or take a “white” one.
Recently, drowning out a constant pain and uninvited memories, I have become addicted to alcohol.
Bad, of course, but it still helps, it must be admitted, and at the same time it raises the spirits.
A neighbor Svetlana met at the garbage chute; in everyday life she was called by everyone just as Sveta – a woman of thirty-five-years-old – also took out the garbage.

There are people who remain Svetka, Vitka, Fedya, Masha to death.
They can not, and maybe do not want, even in old age to become serious and solid.
Sveta laid eyes on me and at every opportunity tried to “talk for life.”
To prevent possible hints in advance, I tried to seize the initiative: How is Witek? Got a job? – Vitek, this is Svetka’s husband and, accordingly, my neighbor.
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