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You will curse, swear, and all is useless: she will instruct you with the horns for the rest of her life.
I went through this, so I know what I’m talking about.

Won my Lesch is silent, does not argue, because he understands that he is best to relax and have fun.
Otherwise, I will simply throw him away: where else will he find such a shameless and beautiful whore? You can’t live with ordinary women, just die of boredom.
You need adrenaline.
You are like drug addicts: you can only reason that if you wish.
at any time you can change your lifestyle.
But in fact, you need a large and large dose.
Vaughn, it’s already not enough for me, that I am walking without my underwear, that without panties in a short skirt in the clubs I have fun, and I ride with my lover to the camp site.

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He has my photos (on which I am not just without everything, but also with a dick in my mouth) on the site “sex-wifa” about wives-problyadushkas laid out.
Even my face did not retouch: please, in full growth, with divorced legs, with a pussy in a half-screen, with a name, age and city of residence.
I am surprised at how I didn’t specify the address and phone number directly on the site: I’ve limited myself to ICQ, but I think it’s just for now.
Like, let everyone see and know that I am a whore, and my husband is dragged from this.
And he, fool, thinks that this is his initiative: didn’t I push my legs under the camera lens? A blowjob immediately three did under the flash flash, and put a vibrator in his ass ?.
Did I not understand why my husband needs such photos? I just really like it all, and I burn all his bridges to his previous life.
And my fucking life suits me very much, I just never thought that I would find such a fool for my husbands, from whom you wouldn’t have to hide anything.
And he gives me gifts for my blyadstvo.

I myself was persuaded to stop wearing a wedding ring so as not to embarrass potential lovers.
True, they were not embarrassed anyway, but in order to please my hubby, I did not just remove the ring from the ring finger of my right hand: I now wear it on my toe, and I explain to everyone that this is not just a piece of jewelry, but a wedding ring.
So that everyone knows that my husband’s place is at my feet.
After these words, my drunken friend fell on one knee, bent his head to the feet of his wife and began to kiss them excitedly.
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