darina bongacams By the time the cartridge stopped with a click, the batteries in the vibrators had long gone, and I was hanging in the dark.
Her chest heaved heavily, her thighs were shaking uncontrollably, sweat was streaming all over her body.
I groaned and gasped, my mind filled with a myriad of colors and flashes that had nothing to do with my position.
I was in some distant place where there was no reality.

It was a Subspace planet, full of noise, smells and indescribable feelings, but devoid of outline and life.
My head was buzzing, and I was in a stunning mixture of exhaustion, saturation, euphoria and the feeling that I did not care about anything.
When the light came on, I only dimly realized that Ash was sitting on a chair behind the TV.
I do not know how much he sat there, looking at me, and I didn’t care.

I was lost in my little world – and if he did not hold me, cutting the ribbon around my head, I would have fallen directly on the concrete. darina bongacams
I barely realized how they carry me on the bed, put me there and take off the remnants of the tape.
Then the lights went out and I fell asleep.
After duty at school always relying flogging.
This time it seemed to be okay – they were only spanked.
Strong, to red.
But without a rod.
The teacher, letting one girl have five or six slaps, forced her to rise from his knees and put another in her place.
And so several times, until he was satisfied with the color of the girl’s ass.
After whipping the girls went to the toilet to clean up and look around.
Left the toilet and stumbled upon the same teacher.
– What are you doing here? Are you a little?

Come back to class! – Yes, we are here.
– Quickly to class! To the first desk! If you are not enough, I will add.
Well, quickly, skirts up, pull the panties.
Marinushka, the sun is my favorite, quickly take off your kruzhavchiki.
The girls slowly and reluctantly began to expose their ass.
The teacher, having examined the items on his desk, chose a thin rod and swung it in the air.
From the whistle of the twig, the girls again rolled tears from their eyes.
– So, go to the desk with your stomach, next to you, so, well, your skirts are straightened higher.
Immediately obvious – a great experience.
The teacher whistled once again through the air.
darina bongacams