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– and turned to the other side, pulling the blanket from Marina.
Marina inhaled, turned on her stomach and with her hands bound behind her back tried to pull the blanket over.
Two hours later, the alarm went off.

Alexander got up and lit the light.
“Damn, the windows should be shuttered next time,” he thought.
Marina seemed to sleep.
He approached her and carefully began to remove the handcuffs to her feet.
– Sasha? – Marina woke up.
Maybe not.
My stomach is comfortable.
And the hands do not interfere.
– Marina, on the legs already strongly reddened.
By morning there will be swelling.
– Okay, take off.
And on the hands? – On your hands, while you were not tossing and turning, there seems to be no trace.
– So leave.
I like it so.
– Are you going to sleep like that every night? -Are you against? – Against, because if you do this every day, there will be traces.
– Sasha, please.
– But we agreed.
– Not? With regret in her voice, Marina asked.
Alexander silently removed the handcuffs from her hands.

I turned off the light and got into bed.
– And then I’ll start hooligans! – Marina said cheerfully.
– Marina, we still play a lot.
Let’s still sleep.
Or are we not going to meet tomorrow? – We are going, of course.
Ok, I’m sold.
Hang up today.
In the morning, Sasha suggested to Marina.
-Marina, move in with me.
To work will be closer.
– Sasha, with pleasure, and how will your mother look at it? -And in any way.
Actually, this is not her business.
I am an adult.
And how do you feel about this? – In my opinion, only be delighted.
We are with her in a one-room apartment.
– How are we going, transport, or will I order a taxi? Or we go by my car, but then.
– No, Sasha, acquaintance will have to be noted, well, a little bit.
Let’s go on transport.
I remember how I removed the bra from my Dream, seeing her chest, a small, neat balls, which you see only in young girls. webcam nude little boy
Galya started when my lips touched her protruding nipples.
In general, her body responded to all my touch, she was excited and aroused all the stronger.

Yet the constraint was not overcome until the end – Galya stiffened when I tried to pull off her tight panties.
But when my lips touched her feet, the matter was already resolved.
I was in no hurry and slowly examined the slender legs with caresses, moving to the cherished flower of flesh.
Galya inhaled sharply – I kissed her lower lips through her wet panties.
Another kiss, caressing lips with lips, and hands, meanwhile, pull a thin lace fabric from the loins.
Finally we are truly together! I felt Galina’s legs pressed against my thighs, stroking her hands.
We were getting closer, I touched her chest, kissed a big pump.
We found ourselves in each other’s arms and nothing separated us.
Both were naked and ready for the most important thing.
Carefully entered her body.
Slightly, plunged only the head.
Galya is a bit narrow for me, I had to be careful.
He closed his eyes from pleasure, began to wiggle a little back and forth, only to better feel her feminine warmth.

We needed to get used to each other, prepare.
Suddenly, the one that I saw only in official suits and could only enjoy miniskirts, lace tights and shiny shoes, hugged me, touching my buttocks a little.
It’s a sign! Finally! Immersed, breath captured from the pulsating embrace of female flesh.
Galya arched, taking me, closed her eyes from overwhelming sensations.
A few seconds lay still.
We did what we dreamed of for so long.
I started moving.
Adjusting to each other, picked up the rhythm, the depth of movement.
I was just happy – in my hands was an incredibly beautiful girl, I could kiss her, hug, even “walk” in it as a member.
I stroked Galina’s legs, pulled them to me, unable to believe that this was true.
Previously, she was just a beautiful colleague, and now her body was in contact with mine, my legs were shamelessly apart, and my cock was furious in the vagina.
The proximity was long-awaited and unexpected, and therefore excited to the extreme.

Ltd! I shoveled out of myself a seed, squeezed that the girl’s body had strength, drove the member as deep as I could.
The orgasm came in three waves, responding to the pulsations of the vagina.
I exhaled and stood still, exhausted.
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) Only after an innumerable number of minutes, I realized that I hurried.
Galya made no sound, there was a smile on her face, but it seemed to me that the smile was tight.
I was too excited and did not wait for the climax of the partner.
Well, never mind! I am not an animal to leave it the way it happened.
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