free hidden cam masturbation “What is this?” Ira exclaimed, and looked incredulously at the member, “this is an oblong subject for the assignment,” I replied.
I hesitate, said Ira, come on then you will help me.
“Help ?!” I wondered.
How to help? Well, suck with me.

Okay, come on, I agreed, but then you, too, will carry out the tasks that have fallen to me with me, I answered.
Well, glad Ira.
Just start first.
I started.
I ran my tongue over the dildo, it was rough and strongly smelled of rubber, the only advantage was its size, it was big, I wrapped my lips and leaned forward, the member entered my mouth, Ira sat on her knees with interest watching my actions I slid my mouth over the member, Ruslan held him responsibly, probably imagining that it was his member, when I let him go he chatted to them busily.
Ira laughed.
Well, now you, I said, and pulled my head away from the member.
Ira, giggling, wrapped her lips around her dick and made some sucking movements, after which she began to drive her lips and tongue over the dick, I also ran a tongue over it and our mouths met.

Ira passionately dug his lips into mine, and we began to kiss.
And what’s the joke for the winner, Ruslan protested, but I don’t feel “like what, show” – Ira answered, tearing herself from my lips, “besides this is a task, we are not guilty,” she continued.
Then I will go have a drink, said Ruslan and put a member.
Ira and I sat on the couch and looked at each other.
Well, let’s play further, said Ira.
Everyone threw the bones, I lost, I got to kiss anyone pointed out by the winning Ruslan.
Ruslan said – “well, show so show kiss”.
Ira and I exchanged glances.
“Or maybe you will kiss Ruslan with her, and I will see,” said Ira, pointing at me.
“No,” answered Ruslan, “kiss, and I will drink and look at you.” sex in bus hidden cam
I moved to Irka and looked into her eyes, she smiled, our lips touched each other and we began to kiss our tongues intertwined and slid over each other, my body filled with mixed emotions, I was very pleased and scary at the same time that all this was not true , but only my fiction, I started hugging and stroking Irka, it calmed me a little, but fear seized me again, and what if she now pushes me away, like when it was a long time ago, in school I was pushed away by a girl who I really liked, but Irka like I did not push away and I relaxed.

My hands began to take off her turtleneck, which she didn’t care after the massage she put on again.
The turtleneck did not give in, entangled in Irka’s hair, she pulled away from me and took off her turtleneck herself, we started kissing again, I caressed her breasts with my hands, she took my bra off and squeezed my hands.
Then Ruslan rattled the bottles, we turned around.
Come here, I told Ruslana, and I was good at the table, answered Ruslan.
Come, we kiss you too, but the fact that you are there, alone, you suffer, I called him again.
Ruslan put the glass and went to the sofa on which we sat.
“And what should I do?” He asked.
Lie down on the sofa.
He lay down.
Irka looked at me, as if trying to understand what I wanted.
I took her hand and began to drive Ruslan on her stomach, stroking it myself too, then I ran her hand over Ruslan’s member.
Ruslan was in narrow translucent shorts, I pushed them to the side and began to kiss his cock, Irka continued to stroke his belly.

A member of Ruslana got up and was strong, I took him out of my mouth and waved it in front of Irka’s nose, she looked at me puzzled, I nodded her head at him.
Irka slowly.
I approached him with my lips and began to lick his head and sides with her tongue, obediently looking at me.
Ruslan lay with his eyes closed and balde, I did not let go of my penis, also began to slide my tongue over him, our tongues sometimes touched and we kissed, excitement burned in Irka’s eyes.
And what do you think, can a guy come if he is only taken in his mouth, Irka asked me.
Yes, I answered.
“Do you want to show it?” I asked.
“I want to!” Ruslan was delighted.
Irka smiled.
“Maybe you?” I asked her.
“No, come on, I will sweat,” said Irka.
I, taking his penis in my mouth and running my lips back and forth, caressing his head with my tongue, began to build up the pace.
Ruslan put his hand on my head and pressed as if I was afraid that I would stop, I felt his penis swelling in my mouth, some more and his sperm splashed into my mouth, I lowered my tact and began to touch him softer, he started .

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