free web camera video recorder A lot of money was paid and so many complexes were born that if she were my wife, I would hang myself.
And they are happy! Truly: “The like is drawn to the like!”
Only one thing is incomprehensible, if they both are, then why haven’t they solved the question simply on the couch? Alien soul darkness.
And in this case, even for me.

– Problems? – asked after the greeting.
“Not me,” she answered shortly.
– Well, so you’re not like a lawyer or a psychotherapist? – She is my friend! The best! We are friends from school, – she answered with a call.
– I’m listening.
“Could you take her out of turn?” And then you will not get.
And your secretary is a bitch and bitch! I smiled in the shower.
Yes, yes, yes.
I’ve been looking for so long.
She knows her job and goes to work.
If I order to keep and not to let go, then so be it.
True, she gets no less than the director of a small plant, but I have no problems.
And the fact that this lady got through to me is the exception rather than the rule.
I’ll have to find out from her how she broke through my secretary.
That and damn not brother! – Well, if only as an exception and double tax.
– Hmm.
– You understand, I have to redraw the schedule and lie to customers.
– Okay.
When? – Today is Wednesday.

On Friday.
Does she have a place to meet? – Yes. see your webcam
– Give me your phone number, name and address.
– (Long silence).
She herself will call in an hour.
Give the command to be connected to you.
– Okay.
Let him say that she took Valium.
We have a secretary with a number of code phrases, so as not to constantly call back.
This one of them is top priority.
They are all one-time.
I smiled again and hung up.
She called exactly after an hour, and we agreed on everything.
Her name was Lena, and I don’t ask her last name.
I do not need it.
She worked.
Yes, no matter where.
But at the time of our communication took time off.
In order to get an idea of ​​what a woman wants, or rather what she lacks, I need to communicate with a client in an informal setting.
Acquaintance And at ten in the morning I press the call button at the specified address.
The door opened immediately.
They were waiting for me.
I appreciated what I saw.
Short dressing gown, sports figure.
She clearly did not disdain to play sports, and regularly.
Big breasts covered with a thin cloth robe without a hint of a bra.
Wide hips with taut buttocks and, of course, face.
Open benevolent with big green eyes and soft sensitive lips.
In appearance, such a woman should not have problems.

But since I’m here, they were clearly there.
She looked at me with an appraising glance with obvious dismay and invited me into the house.
– Will you have breakfast? – Not.
Just come on you.
(German – knowledge).
I do not use my own name.
There is no need to advertise it.
– Vincent? “You can Vincent,” I laughed.
My brain has already earned: fixing and analyzing terabytes of information of its behavior.
Motility of motion, gestures, facial expressions, views, and even the frequency and depth of her breathing, and much more.
Everything is as always and of course it is not clear how.
– Maybe tea? “Coffee, a black little cup and three spoons of sugar.”
– And the cream? – Not! – I snapped.
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