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Then their neighbors finished.
Then they finished all the dogs on the street.
Lonely bum finished in the basement with a lingering voluptuous moan.

And after them the whole planet began to end.

Finished mammoths and rhinos, lions and tigers, people and macaques.
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It was a final car sending evil ends in order for our entire planet to finish off to death, after which it can be easily captured and finished on it before losing its pulse.

And then all finished.
And then again.
And further.
Again, finished.
Many have no strength to continue this madness so that they lay quietly in the corner quietly teasing.
But the clitoris made them finish again.
Everyone obeyed.
The great demise reigned on the planet and no one needed any magazines any pictures or stories, they finished everything.

I always go to bed, very excited.
And that evening was also no different at first.
My mother, as usual, came to my room in a nightgown, and told me to go to bed.
She could hardly have been called an attractive woman, at least on her face.
As for the figure, then here nature has tried its best – long legs, great ass and healthy boobs.
I try to spy on her as often as possible.
I especially like to look at it through a wide gap under the door.
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