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Well, okay, since I decided to leave my dad alone with Zoya, I will have to suffer a bit of this fidget.
When we began to go into the reeds, I finally looked back at the adults.
They calmly talked to themselves.

“Maybe it will cost and nothing will happen to them?” – I thought.
I was distracted by Kostik’s voice: “And generally, if we go to look at the lagoon, then you better listen to me.
And we will meet some more sea snakes or even ticker – the shield-mord.
They protect their eggs and can attack those who come close. ”
– “Stop! Is that – poisonous snakes?” – I immediately stopped: – “Snakes are not poisonous.
A moccasin is poisonous, but not fatal.
You will live. ”
– “Are you kidding me? I’m not going anywhere with you.”
Come back.
“-” Yes, all right – no joke.

There are no shtekomordnikov here.
Do not be afraid.
” – “Thank.
You can calm down.
Jokes you stupid.
And also a gentleman at the beginning seemed to me. ” how to access hp webcam
– “What I thought, then said.
You’re really beautiful. ”
– “And you also fiddle”, – I softened somewhat.
I did not want to go back quickly.
The state of nature was just fantastically wonderful.
The rustle of the reeds and the hubbub of the birds in itself set the mind to peace.
In addition, I am without clothes next to the boy, dressed only in tan.
I just wanted to forget about merging with the world of this unusual island.
I even forgot about dad for some time among this beauty.
Kostya humbly awaited my decision.
– “Okay, but bear in mind that if you make a joke again, then you won’t be upsetted.
And I will not ask Zoe.

You’ll get me nuts then.
And do not look at me at all so intently.
I do not like it”.
Kostya sighed and went forward, occasionally looking around at me.
I followed him, trying to step on the trail.
His sporty figure and rhythmically swaying ass from the footsteps began to dimly direct me at all to those thoughts.
“I wonder how he will behave if you touch him now and stroke for example on the ass? Although not.
The boy is still quite.
Something in your imagination completely broke out “- I told myself.
Kostya, meanwhile, showed me the clutches of various birds, telling about their habits.
He stared at me like a man no longer looked at.
In general, my concerns were taken into account and I even became quite comfortable with him.
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