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Raise your hair, “my mother obediently followed the instructions – and I decided to raise my bet.
“Mom, can you get back in a reclining pose by the couch? She’s so sexy!”
Chapter 3

Finger in the stands.
The next game was cold, so I was afraid that there would be nothing to see.
I went to the game on foot, because my parents stayed at work, and even got caught in the rain.
In general, I was late for the game and came frozen.
The stands were full, because the stadium had teams and their parents from the past and the future game.
I found a place upstairs next to Boris’s mom.
Her other son was playing on another team.
“Hello, Yura,” said Valentina Petrovna, when I squeezed in to her right.
It was so cold outside that she covered her knees with a blanket, because under her she was in shorts, as I had time to look.
I tried not to cuddle up with Borkin’s mother, but it did not work out – and we sat, huddled close to each other.
And, as it turned out, Valentina Petrovna was not particularly opposed to this.

I clearly felt her right foot pressed against my left. creative webcam live vf0050
Valentina Petrovna’s husband was sitting to her left.
She watched the game, I looked at the face of a classmate’s mother.
I knew her a long time since Boris and I occasionally played together.
Fuck, she looked okhuitelno.
stylish brown hair on the shoulders, a graceful nose and juicy hot lips.
From a close distance, I could see the wrinkles on my face, indicating age.
Looking at me, the woman asked.
“Yur, are you cold?” “Yes,” I muttered, chattering my teeth.
“Like this”.
She put the blanket on my legs.
We shared one blanket for two, and even through the sports pants I felt her bare thigh pressed against mine.
Maybe it seemed to me, but she seemed to be rubbing against me.
I looked at her husband – he did not pay attention to us, completely absorbed in the game.
I think under a thick blanket no one could understand that we are sitting so closely.
I put my hands under the blanket and laid them on my feet to warm myself.
Heck! Involuntarily, my hand touched Borkina’s bare thigh.

I looked at her – Valentina Petrovna calmly looked at the game, and only a slight smile was walking on her face.
I clearly felt the sexual tension between us.
As if reading my mind, the woman put her right hand under the covers.
Sliding over my hand, she laid her hand on mine.
At first I thought that she wanted to move my hand.
I almost guessed right – Borkina’s mother resolutely moved her: to her right bare thigh! Then she pulled her hand out from under the blanket, leaving my hand on her foot.
No dick yourself! I looked around – everyone around was looking at the game.
Borkin father turned away, talking to someone.
I squeezed my hand a little.
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