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– Uh, me.

– I’m a coward and.

to pull?.

This story may seem a bit strange, but at 21 I was addicted to peeping.
We have an abandoned house in the area, surrounded by a high fence of slabs.
He was standing right near the playground, where almost all the young people were hanging out in the evening, including myself and my friends.
So it all started with the fact that I wanted to cast.
He crawled under the fence, lit a cigarette and began to piss.
The house itself was in a dilapidated condition.
Double decker.
In the evening it was impossible to see anything inside the house.
Previously, we could hide here, playing in the “Cossacks-robbers” now this place was more famous for its solitude for couples who do not want to be seen. slap girl face porn web camera tube
Having finished my business, I accidentally saw some fuss on the corner of the house.
It became interesting to me.
I decided to see what was there, walked around the house on the other side, went inside and quietly headed through the first floor in that direction.

It was already very dark outside, so I was not particularly afraid of being noticed, and calmly went straight to the window.
Behind him stood a young boy and a girl.
They kissed and simply squeezed each arc, and I calmly stared at them until they even noticed it.
At some point, the girl unbuttons her boyfriend’s jeans, pulls out his not frail member, and calmly begins to jerk him.
Chills ran through my body.
The girl forcefully took the guy by the balls and pulled them down so that the head of his penis opened, and took her in her mouth.
The guy groaned languidly, and his girlfriend was already sucking him.
I was unrealistically excited.
He put his hand under his sportswear and began to knead his penis.
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