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Katya was already ready long before the call.
Dad brought her several sets of panties with bras and the same dress she had seen on the pages of a French magazine from abroad.
Well, maybe not quite that, but almost.

It is clear that the girl has long wanted to put on him and walk along the streets of his native city, so as not to look at others, but mostly to show himself.
The dress was light tones with a barely perceptible gel.
From what material it was made I do not know.
The main thing is that on the back there was a rather large neckline, from under which bra straps would be visible.
That is why the bra had to be abandoned.
Panties in the tone of the dress were called tanga and barely covered the pretty places.
Of course, the girl had to remove the hair from the front and do the sex hairstyle seen in another magazine.
The whole ensemble completed a handbag of bright colors.
What was in it – I do not undertake to describe.

The main thing is that there were no condoms.
Kati was not a dangerous day and if, suddenly, something happens, then something was harmless to her.
Once on the street, my heroine, who longed for admiring glances, snapping the tongues of young citizens, suddenly got the opposite.
She was not admired, but condemned such an outfit, snake-covered mossy pots and old, dilapidated hangers that fell in her way.
They spat venom: “Look, you are dressed like a whore,” when they passed each other.
Gyrgyrkali different nasty things, which are illegible set of sounds.
As luck would have it, neither peers nor peers came across Katie on the way to a date.
Being very upset at such behavior of fellow citizens, and then angry, she behaved accordingly.
She did not understand why she was called a pig, and once called, my heroine decided to grunt.
“Suppress your bile!” “- she thought so and stopped to choose the shady places, but on the contrary, she began to choose sunny roads, where everyone could meet or wander behind her young body, illuminated by the sun through the dress.

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She proudly lifted her head and stomped like a model on the catwalk.
Oddly enough, this had effect.
Pots and hangers, just opened their mouths, but they were afraid to say something disgusting to the beautiful woman passing by.
That is why Kate chose the wrong alley into which Kostya turned her gaze, and the other, the one on the route that the bright sun shone in her back.
Kostya ,.
having caught sight of the figure of his girlfriend, turned his head in her direction.
The bright sun penetrated through the now almost transparent dress of his girlfriend.
Guy thought she was completely naked.
The girl walked slowly towards her chosen one, gently placing her legs before one another.
Her naked body was not just beautiful and clean, it also very much excited the guy.
Anyone would be excited, seeing this.
Kostya just barely went crazy when Katya approached a little, he saw a light strip of panties, which gently enveloped the girl like a ribbon.
What he saw even more excited the guy, he jumped off the bench, leaving a bouquet and a bag, and rushed to run towards his love.

Katya also lost her head and stretched out her arms in front of her for embraces and ran towards her lover.
From the outside, it looked very strange, as if two young people had not seen each other for a thousand years.
They rushed into their arms and began to kiss kissing.
Kostya allowed himself some liberties, gently stroked his hair, then Kati’s back.
His hand did not feel the ribbon of her bra, he almost lost his mind from realization and lust.
The bare back of his sweetheart was so smooth and tasty that he barely resisted the desire to turn her around his axis and pressed his tight cock to her pussy, cover the nude part of the beautiful body with passionate kisses, and grasp her ripe and sweet breasts with her hands and gently knead them to iron
Meanwhile, his hand slowly sank down gently stroking his waist.
Katya seemed to wake up from a dream and gently and tenderly removed his hand from her back, while blushing a little at the same time: “Kostya, well, you can’t do that,” Katya said softly, “right here.

In front of everyone, she whispered, people look.
– Do you want to go to the bushes, hide from them? – Kostya said quietly.
“I took some wine and candy with me, would you like a drink?” – whispered a lover over the ears of his beloved in his ears.
– In the bushes, yes? – the girl burst out laughing.
– There you are going to drink and seduce me, right? “Exactly,” realizing how foolish he was, the lover confirmed, smiling.
– Well, I will drink some wine, lead me into the bushes, my hero.
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