naked teen cam Everything, problem number one is solved, it is possible to think about salvation.
For example, call a loved one.
The telephone is here, on the nightstand beside the bed.
But, stretching out with all his might, Nadia lacks about half a meter to him.

It would be possible to throw something and drag the phone to him.
for example, using a sheet.
if both sheets were not so ineptly used as diapers.
In desperation, Nadia throws a pillow at the phone.
The result is predictable – to him already sixty centimeters.
The second pillow Nadia threw into the wall in the insane hope that she somehow ricochets and pushes the phone.
But the vile pillow, unlike Nadi, remembered the laws of physics and quietly sank along the wall.
The next half hour Nadia cried stupidly, still wetting the mattress, albeit from the other side.
Then she carefully examined the place of imprisonment and found on it, besides herself, another item – her own G-string panties.
With a desperate effort, she hooked them with her big toe, pulled her to herself, gnawed at her, tied a noose at the end – something like a lasso turned out.

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In fact, between Nadia and the American cowboy is surprisingly little in common.
But need is a good teacher.
After about three hundredth shot, she managed to hook on the handset.
Hooray! – but his favorite was wound somewhere outside the service area, his cell phone did not respond.
And other necessary phones were in the memory of Nadina Cell on a table in the hallway and were completely inaccessible.
Of the few rooms that Nadia managed to scrape together at the bottom of her pretty head, only one responded – the favorite number two.
But to tell him that she is now lying naked in the bed of another man, and give the address of this man.
no, better die.
Nadia chirped something about the hairdresser in which she allegedly was sitting and hung up.
What’s next? The emergency number is 911.
But it is in America.
Moscow also has a rescue service, and its phone also ends with 911, but before that there are four more digits.
Do you remember them? And Nadya did not remember.
Well, there are Soviet 01, 02 and 03.

From this set Nadia chose as the safest, first aid.
She responded pretty quickly.
Oh, Nadia wailed, come quickly, it hurts so much, it hurts so much.
What hurts? – asked the ambulance.
Belly, Nadia answered, instinctively trying to lie closer to the truth.
The ambulance asked a few questions about the nature of the pain, to which Nadia answered at random Lazarus, and as a result a preliminary diagnosis was made — appendicitis.
Do not worry, we will arrive now, the ambulance said.
Only there the door is locked, warned Nadia, hack something.
Are we a locksmith? – the ambulance was indignant.
Stand up and open yourself.
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