naked webcam chat rooms They never spoke very closely with him, only at the very minimum level, but now, when he taught her how to drive, she suddenly found a friendly understanding.
She recalled from psychology that usually behind the mask of cad hiding very vulnerable and sensual people, it seemed to her that Kolya was like that.
Volodya, who had come from a business trip two days ago, rose in thought from his neighbor Sergei, with whom they drank beer.
His face was gray.

Previously, Vladimir was not embarrassed that, strictly speaking, Lena was taken even more willingly than him.
Sergey is a classmate, he brought him to this company.
I needed an engineer to set up the equipment, and his specialty was useful.
And as if at the same time they took his wife Elena – the marketing manager.
It was strange to be offended, he understood everything – she really is a beautiful woman.
Not surprisingly, all the leaders of the company wanted to hire her.
Helen – a real beauty, it is all noted.

Twenty-four years old, tall, with a slender figure, with long thick brown hair.
You can say – a seductive woman, Vladimir also always understood this.
And not only he: Lena caused admiration of the whole company, where the spouses were almost immediately accepted with pleasure.
For a married couple it was also flattering: whatever one may say, and immediately after being hired to be accepted into the company of the director and his friends is great.
Salary arranged, working conditions – too.
Vladimir remembered in detail at first the half-drunk, cheerful voice, and then the apologetic, justifying tone of Sergei, who spoke about the betting between Nikolay and Viktor. webcam granny live
Vladimir was seriously pissed, this was directly related to him, his honor, let it all be a joke, as Sergey said.
But still it’s dirty.
Such clown bets are just outrageous, utter disrespect for his family.
But he already knew how Kolya would behave.
This naughty Nikolai with a forever glued smirk just laughs, even apologize – no sense from this.

An explanation occurred between the spouses.
He almost convinced her, in his words it appeared that there would be no more lessons with Nikolai.
Lena was in almost everything agree, especially in what he called “drunk idiots go crazy.”
But on the other hand, after all that comic attempt of him, about which she, of course, did not say anything to her husband – she stopped it, right?
He fool around in the car and nothing more.
After that, their relationship came under her control.
What was once, does not mean – should be repeated.
Elena laughed.
But the decision, of course, remained for him, he must himself in a delicate moment to make his verdict.
From her unobtrusive presentation, Vladimir had to take into account the fact that they had already conducted several lessons, apparently, the debater – Nikolay – was the very politeness and correctness.
In addition, he saw that his wife was intrigued, and if he broke away from real life, with her problems, realities, this in some way aroused him.

First of all, in a psychological sense.
After a while Lena came out to him dressed only in a transparent combination, with each step her breasts swayed.
She threw his hands behind his neck in a long kiss.
In response, Vladimir first kissed her somehow mechanically, without the usual inner excitement – he was still angry.
But soon under the pressure of her desire, her passion – his mind completely captured the action that they had together.
He possessed it, and she surrendered to him.
Vladimir noticed everything, felt everything literally at his fingertips.
After one or two sessions, Elena’s eyes began to shine strangely, she became nervous at the mention of the name of Nikolai.
It was similar to the state he had experienced during his vacation on the Black Sea coast, when at a party Vladimir touched, and Elena was invited to a dance by a stranger in white naughty trousers and shoes.
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